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XP – Geeking out with Box Entertainment and Mockingbird



Non-geeks, you can skip this one and come back for the next one. I’ve been geeking out to an extra level today. My new home, Mockingbird, played host to the fabulous Box Entertainment, for the launch of new monthly event, XP.

XP is a day to geek out, with board games, consoles, geeky quizzes and movies. This month’s was the launch day, with later events planned to run on a theme. Not being much of a gamer, I parked myself at the bar for some anime watching and some classic geek arguing. Who would win in a fight? Superman or the Hulk…any votes guys? I’m undecided.

The absolute highlight for me was the speed quizzing. Speed Quizzing is a smart phone based quiz, so no cheating! You download an app, and answer a mix of multiple choice and fastest finger first questions. When you quiz with geeks, it’s going to get competitive. Things soon got heated, with rounds on superhero aliases, movie soundtracks and general geek knowledge. I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did during that quiz. So competitive, but so, so fun. It helps, of course, that my team, Angel or Spike (with Love Shack as our buzzer) came out champions. M performed the best victory dance I have ever seen in my life. My favourite moment though? A certain team member of mine yelling across the bar, “IF YOU’VE GOT A PROBLEM WITH FLASHDANCE, YOU’VE GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME!”

The whole day has had a great vibe. People came in little groups, or alone, but by the end, we were all one big group of mates, yelling and laughing and shouting. It’s been bloody awesome.

Now, obviously I’m biased, as Mockingbird is M’s place, but if you’re of the geek leaning at all, you need to get yourself to the next XP. Box Entertainment are god-damn heroes. Thanks for the best day ever guys.

XP will be held at Mockingbird on the last Sunday of the month, with the next one being on Sunday 22 February. See you there!

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