World War Z–Muse at Horse Guards Parade

Better late than never, huh? I promised this post a little while ago, but here it is finally.


Muse have provided some of the soundtrack for World War Z, and in conjunction with the premiere, Brad Pitt arranged a free Muse gig at Horse Guards Parade. It was a short set, but bloody brilliant. We got the usual amazing Muse show, on a smaller scale, complete with blasts of flame.

Matt Bellamy

Shannon and I managed to get pretty close, which was rather cool. Bellamy was on top flailing form, and was clearly having an absolute whale of a time, leaping about and grabbing at the cameras.

Chris Wolstenholme

Horse Guards seemed like a weird place for a Muse gig, but actually really worked. The lights looked amazing bouncing off the beautiful buildings, and being somewhere so stunning kind of added to the whole experience.

Matt Bellamy

Thanks for a good night, Brad Pitt. It was a blast.

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