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Wok to Walk, Birmingham


When you work in an office, you’re always on the lookout for tasty lunch options, that can be grabbed quickly and ferried back to the office without going cold, or ending up all over your jeans. There’s only so many times you can buy a sandwich meal deal without going mad, so new and more interesting options are always welcome. Enter Wok to Walk.

the company

After beginning in Amsterdam, inspired by a trip to Asia, the chain has now grown to 11 stores in the UK, and over a 100 worldwide. They’re aiming to deliver, fast, fresh tasty food and the new branch on New Street is no different.

Wok to Walk

The branch is small, but has a handful of tables to perch at, which all have wireless charging points, a thing that makes me irrationally excited. A counter loaded with fresh ingredients draws you in, and you can stand back and watch your meal be made in front of you.

Everything they use is made fresh on site, and they minimise wastage by giving out any leftovers to the homeless; good work Wok to Walk!

the food

You start out be selecting your base. You can choose between four kinds of noodles, two kinds of rice, quinoa or a veg mix. The veg mix is egg free (the rest are cooked with egg), making it vegan friendly. A base stir fry mix of white cabbage and bean sprouts is added, and you move down the counter to peruse the ‘flavours’. There are currently 17 different foods you can add to your base, from bamboo shoots and broccoli to calamari and tofu. Each addition is priced individually, so you can keep it minimal or go all out. This also makes it easy to construct a dish that fits any dietary requirement, be they allergy or calorie counting based needs!


Wok cooking

Next, choose between 7 sauces, ranging from a mild teriyaki to the super spiced Hot Asia. The whole lot goes into the wok, and you can watch your lunch become a delicious stir-fry treat. Finally, choose from the 6 toppings, including cashew nuts and pink ginger.

Takeout Noodles

I choose Udon Noodles, with calamari, prawns, Shitaake mushrooms, broccoli and bamboo hoots, with Bangkok sauce and a topping of coriander and fried garlic. The frankly enormous portion comes neatly packed into a little orange takeaway box. The box feels good and sturdy and survives perfectly carrying my leftovers all the way back to Bearwood, so would definitely see you safely back to your desk without any spillages.


The noodles are plump, and the sauce is flavourful. The added ‘flavours’ are chucked in with generosity, creating a very tasty, extremely filling meal.

the verdict

Is this life-changing food? No, but then it’s not trying to be. In my opinion, they’re achieving exactly what they set out to do. This is fast food without the rubbish; it’s easily adaptable, with fresh flavours and you’ll definitely leave full. It’s great to grab on the go and if I still worked in the city centre, I could see this being on regular rotation for lunch al desko. As it is, it’s handy location means I’d be happy to grab it for a fast lunch while I’m in town, or a filling dinner before catching the train or heading out.

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