Weekly Round-Up

Some of the stuff shown in this post is an Ad, from launch events and review nights. I’ll clearly mark each thing I didn’t pay for, so you know what’s what. That said, here are some of my food and drink highlights of the last week.


Ad – review meal

I reviewed Fazenda back when they first opened, and I’m still a big fan of their classic Rodizio style menu. They’ve now added a bar menu of light bites, including a pretty impressive steak sandwich, black pudding croquettes and churros.

The bar menu is split into food from Argentina and Brazil, and is all priced between £4.50 and £6. I tried the whole lot (I do the hard work so you don’t have to), and was pretty impressed. The real standouts for me were those sexy little croquettes and a pot of grilled Argentinian cheese. Shocker.

The bar menu is available in the bar all day, and would make a great light lunch or after work snack with a drink. Order a few dishes tapas style to make a meal of it.

Birdies Bar and BBQ

Ad – launch event

There’s a new bar in Digbeth! Owned by the folk behind Ghetto Golf, Birdies Bar and BBQ is a beach themed bar, serving colourful cocktails and food from Apocalypse Cow.

The bar is an open air space, made largely from shipping containers. Inside is a riot of colour, with incredible street art and lush greenery everywhere. I went along to the launch party for a nose. The cocktail menu is heavily focused on fruity concoctions, so great for those with a sweet tooth, but I think if your tastes are more in line with mine and you prefer something less syrupy, you’re better off sticking with their beer selection, which is pretty decent.

This place is going to be very popular with the weekend crowd, but I’d give the bar a few weeks to settle in and finish training their staff. I thought Birdies was fun, but service was slow and a bit haphazard for the launch; once things have calmed down though, I’m sure it’ll be fine.


I’m up north in Teesside a fair bit, visiting the in-laws, and I’m trying to explore a bit more of the food scene up there (I’d love suggestions if any of you are better versed than me on what the North East has to offer!).

This weekend, we hit Thirsty Souls for lunch. I had a Blue Moo burger, which was tasty, with loads of blue cheese crammed in. I still don’t get black burger buns though. Just me?

Dave was delighted to eat a Teesside classic, the Parmo. For those not in the know, a Parmo is breaded chicken, topped with bechamel sauce and loads of melted cheese. It’s an interesting dish, to say the least.

We also dropped into Tap & Stone, a new pizza bar in the Regency Arcade in Stockton. They’re slinging bargain pizza by the slice, have a very nice mix of beers and spirits, and have a rather exciting cocktail menu launching soon. I tried an Iron Brew gin from Old Skool Gin, which was alarmingly like the real thing. While you’re in the arcade, you should also stroll two doors up and visit their big brother, The Lumpy Pumpkin, which is a very cute little bar with arcade games.

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