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The Stable, Birmingham

The Denhay Delight

Always check the opening hours of restaurants before heading out to eat, especially on a bank holiday Monday. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself like me, standing forlornly outside a closed Bonehead, because I’d forgotten they don’t open on Mondays. I thought about lying down in the road for a tantrum, but John Bright Street is probably not the best place to lie on the floor, and there was a shining beacon of hope in the distance. A beacon of hope full of pizza and cider. The Stable.

The Stable

The Stable Birmingham

The world’s most orange restaurant

I’ve actually eaten at The Stable a few times, but never properly reviewed it, largely because the lighting is some of the most orange to ever exist and my pictures are always horrendous. It’s a great space though, with lots of long tables, funky lighting and lots of concrete. There’s plenty of tables outside too to enjoy some sunshine.

Cider in Birmingham


You can’t come here and not drink Cider. Dave opted for a guest cider I forgot to write down the name of, but involved Cherry flavours. Dave likes a fruity, sweet cider, and found this didn’t quite hit the spot for him, as it’s very much a classic cider with added cherry, not a cherry cider. I liked it though, and found it sweet but not sickly.

I tried a half of the Hunny Bubble. It was light, sparkling cider, perfect for the hot weather, with added West Country Honey for some deep caramel notes.

Longhorn Jim


Dave had the Longhorn Jim (£13.50), which is topped with ground beef, chorizo, mushrooms, mozarella, smoked ham and red onions. He found the base nice and light, topped with rich, but not heavy, toppings. The meat was flavoursome and plentiful, strewn with fat mushrooms.

The Denhay Delight

I went for the The Denhay Delight (£12), which is topped with Denhay Farm bacon, mushrooms and mozerlla, with a fried egg on cooked into the middle. I love fried eggs on pizza, especially when you get the right ooze level when cut. This was perfect; oozy enough to coat the pizza but not so much I was in a terrible mess by the time I’d finished eating. The mushrooms were plump, and sat happily alongside salty bacon. I’m always a fan of the bases at the Stable; they’re the right level of somewhere between doughy and crisp for me, and good and thin, which I prefer.

The service

Service was prompt, which I find it usually is here. Staff are happy to make cider suggestions, and our pizzas hit the table fast enough to please even me in my hangry state. I’ve never been in there and not been greeted by the manager at the door, or had him check on me before leaving, which sets the tone for the friendly, attentive service. See you soon, Stable.

We paid in full at The Stable, and nobody knew I was a blogger. All words, images and opinions are my own. Prices correct at the time of writing. 

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