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The Bracebridge, Sutton Coldfield

The Bracebridge - Spaghetti Vongole

After a few lockdown walks in Sutton Park, The Bracebridge was high on my list of restaurants that I wanted to try when hospitality reopened. The restaurant’s terrace has reopened, so I booked a table for a date night.

Getting to The Bracebridge

The Bracebridge is inside Sutton Park, right next to the Bracebridge Pool, so it’s not the most accessible restaurant in Birmingham. However, it is well worth the effort when you get there.

Go into Sutton Park via the Four Oaks Gate. The restaurant is signposted from there. Follow the road to the second car park, and you’re there. Driving is definitely the easiest way of getting there, which is less than ideal if you want to drink. You could also get the train to Four Oaks but be prepared for a bit of a walk through the park. This might not be the place to wear your heels! The train to Four Oaks, then an Uber the rest of the way might be the best way to go.

The Bracebridge Terrace

Dining at The Bracebridge

While you can’t yet eat in the restaurant, you can book to eat on the terrace which, if you ask me, is where you want to sit anyway. The terrace looks over the Bracebridge Pool, so the views as you eat are gorgeous. To protect you from the elements, the terrace is undercover and has large screens to keep off any wind and rain. The whole place is festooned with fairy lights, and there are patio heaters and plenty of blankets to keep you toasty.

Between Tuesday and Thursday, you can order from the Fixed Menu and get two courses for £19.95, which is a bloody bargain, and what we decided to do. Before that though, I couldn’t say no to focaccia bread (£3.50) and mixed olives (£3.50).

The Bracebridge - Bread and Olives

I could happily sit dunking bread into oil and balsamic vinegar forever, especially when it’s as tasty as this. The bread is studded with rosemary and has a generous sprinkling of salt.

For my starter, I chose the Burrata (£7.95).

The Bracebridge - Burrata

This dish is so pretty. I bloody love tomatoes, so the heritage tomato salad was the perfect light summer starter for me. The flavours of the tomatoes with the pesto and burrata were fresh and punchy. I’ll admit to not being a particular fan of gazpacho, but the subtle spice was good in this one. All in all, a refreshing dish that was as nice to look at as it was to eat.

Dave chose the Asparagus Hollandaise (£7.95).

The Bracebridge - Asparagus

The hollandaise was creamy, with a nice kick of black pepper. The asparagus itself still had some crunch, making for a light, tasty starter.

Onto the main courses. I went for Spaghetti Vongole (£16.95).

The Bracebridge - Spaghetti Vongole

Too often when you order vongole, there are about three clams sitting on top. Not the case here. Every time I thought I’d found all the clams, my fork would hit another one buried in the spaghetti. The chorizo brought some gentle spice, and the whole dish was packed with flavour. The clams were big and plump, exactly how I like them.

Dave chose the Beer Battered Fish and Chips (£15.95).

The Bracebridge - Fish and Chips

This certainly had an impact when it hit the table. The chips were well-salted and went well with the fresh tartar sauce. The batter on the fish was light, and the fish flaked nicely. However, the sheer scale of the piece of fish was just a bit much. My husband has a big appetite and struggled to eat more than about half of this. It was a beautiful piece of fish, but the excessive size just seemed a bit wasteful. The ‘newspaper’ on the plate looked great but disintegrated a bit under the food, so Dave spent a fair bit of his eating time peeling the paper off his chips. That said, it was a great dish, and he enjoyed it. I think maybe the presentation just needs tweaking a little bit.

We had a lovely evening at The Bracebridge. The service was just the right side of attentive, friendly, and nothing was too much trouble. The food was delicious, and the surroundings are gorgeous. I’ll definitely be back.

What are the COVID-19 safety precautions?

At the time of writing, The Bracebridge is following all government guidelines. Tables are well spread out, with screens offering more separation in busier areas. Staff are masked, and there’s hand sanitiser available on the tables. You can read more about the precautions being taken here.

Do I need to book a table?

Yes. You can book a table here.

We paid in full at The Bracebridge. All prices and COVID information correct at the time of writing. All opinions are honest and my own.

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The Bracebridge, Sutton Coldfield

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