The Bad Bride’s Wedding Planning Drinking Game

Are you a fellow Bad Bride who finds planning a wedding is driving you to drink? Stress no more, the Bad Bride’s Wedding Planning Drinking Game is here!

Mead Ferment

Take a Sip when
  • Someone offers well-intentioned, but annoying, advice
  • A venue’s website is so badly designed, it makes you want to poke out your own eyes
  • A vendor gives you weird advice about the bride or groom, like making sure they attend appointments or don’t spend the whole budget on a veil
  • Somebody insists you must invite Great-Aunt Sally who nobody has seen for ten years, or your 12-year-old cousin’s new boyfriend
  • You’re asked to make a decision about something you don’t give a crap about, like napkins
  • You suddenly care intensely about things you thought were stupid, like napkins
  • You stress cry over something ridiculous
  • You happy cry over something equally ridiculous
  • Someone tells you a detailed plan for the wedding they want, and have had planned since they were six
  • Someone ask if you’re sure about something you spent three months agonising over
finish your drink When
  • Your mum changes her mind again about whether she’s wearing a hat or not
  • Someone who is not invited assumes they are
  • It’s time for the table plan
  • You consider just eloping
  • You begin to stress dream about choosing a first dance song. Why is your music taste so terrible?
  • Someone asks how you’re paying for it. Rude much? Down another drink if they follow that up with another rude question about your parents paying or not paying, or wedding loans
  • Someone makes polite face about your last name choices
drink everything and cry when
  • You realise what all this is going to cost you
  • You go full Bridezilla


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