The Bad Bride Diaries: How to Choose a Wedding Venue

We chose our wedding venue! We’re still waiting on signing contracts, but disaster aside, we have a venue. Choosing was actually a lot less tricky than I expected, and while typically, we’ve ended up choosing the MacDonald Burlington which was the first place we looked at, I thought it might be useful to share how we decided which venue was right for us.

Look at lots of places

We saw the Burlington first, and immediately knew we liked it a lot. We could have booked it then and there, but with nothing to compare it to, you don’t know if there’s something better out there. We ended up seeing four venues (and I spoke to around ten), and it really helped us feel confident that we’d seen the best first.

think practically

It’s easy to get carried away and pick somewhere that you like the idea of, or that fits your daydream of your princess day. Try to keep your practical head on though. Is it within your budget? What are you getting for your money? Is it a sensible size for the amount of guests you want? Is it easy to travel to and there are enough places to stay and park nearby? Does it meet any accessibility requirements your guests may have? Is the deposit and payment plan reasonable for you?

Choose a coordinator you can deal with for months

Chances are you’ll be dealing with one wedding coordinator from viewing to getting hitched, so it’s important that they’re someone you like and trust. I was amazed by how many venues took ages to respond to emails (including one who was incredibly rude when I chased for a response), which immediately discounted them for me. I need someone who can respond in a timely manner when I have questions.

Everyone we actually met was perfectly nice, but we experienced hiccups like one venue who hadn’t told the person showing us round that we were actually coming (red flag there!), people who wanted to steamroll us into having a themed wedding, and one who didn’t actually show us the whole venue. We’ve been dealing with Emma at the Burlington who has been a dream. She’s friendly, she’s fast to respond to questions, she’s accommodating around our schedule and we just liked her. She got us. Most of our viewings took around fifteen minutes but every time we went to see Emma, we were with her for about an hour.

think with your heart

If the venue ticks the practical boxes, think about the sentimental ones. Is it actually somewhere you can picture yourself getting married in? Do you feel happy while you’re there? Where will you have those all-important wedding photos taken?

The ideal venue is a mix between the daydream and somewhere actually sensible, with a team who are going to make your wedding day come together with minimal stress.

I’m so excited to have ours booked! Are you looking at venues now?

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