Cosplay 101: Interacting With Cosplayers

Cosplay 101

You’ve waited for months. You’ve queued for hours. You’re finally in the the convention hall, and there they are. The cosplayers. Like a strange alien species in elaborate armour, light-up props and monster heels. Now what?

I know some people feel shy about approaching cosplayers, so here’s my guide on the etiquette of interacting with cosplayers at conventions.


We’ve worked hard on these costumes. Please do ask us for photos! We like it, promise. Most cosplayers are flattered to be asked and will be more than happy to pose for you. There are some exceptions of course. Don’t forget, cosplayers are people too. If the cosplayer you want to photograph is eating, sitting and taking a break or otherwise resting…please leave them be. Wait and catch them later. One other thing I find really odd is when people take photos of you without asking, when they’re walking past you or stood a little way away. If I’m walking somewhere or talking to someone and your sneak photo comes out with me making a weird face or an important costume detail covered, on your head be it. Just ask. Cosplayers don’t bite. You’ll get a much nicer picture if we know you’re taking it!

Oh, and I hope I don’t need to tell you guys, but sneaky pictures of bums and cleavage is not okay. 

Silk Spectre Pin-Up

Comments and Conversation

Again, I promise we don’t bite. Come and talk to us. Personally, I am always more than happy to chat about the costume or the character, and I have made so many friends just chatting to people at conventions. Never feel like you can’t go and start a conversation with someone. On a similar note to above though, keep respect in mind. Whatever the character, there’s still a person in there, so keep it appropriate, yeah? At the risk of sounding like your mum, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

And the rest…

It should go without saying,  but if you’re posing with cosplayers, check before slinging an arm round them or touching them at all. You might mean it in a matey way, but not everybody is happy being touched or hugged by strangers. Definitely no grabbing. They might look incredible, but groping is never, ever acceptable.

MCM London Winter 2015

MCM London Winter 2015

There is no tired like post convention tired. There really isn’t. Last weekend, the unconventional conventionists gathered at the ExCel Centre for MCM London Winter 2015. This years event was the biggest yet, with 130, 560 people attending across the three days. This secures MCM’s place as the third biggest event like this in the world, behind the American legends that are New York and San Diego Comic Con.

We kicked things off with myself and David (Aces ‘N Armor Cosplay) and another friend, Rolly, cosplaying characters from Firefly, which I apparently have no photos of. After an early morning shopping trip for dinosaurs before getting the train, Wash, Kaylee and Simon were ready. Apparently, we picked the wrong day for this, as we saw exactly one other Firefly costume on the Friday. Typically, Saturday had a Firefly meet and two full crews. Ah well. There’s always next year. Friday is always a nice day for a simpler costume anyway. It’s by far the quietest day, so you can actually shop a bit more and see everything. We caught up with a lot of friends and tracked down the babes of NuRevelations Cosplay, who had recruited a fourth for the weekend, and were kitted out as Sailor Scouts. The girls were our hosts for the evening too, which involved catsu curry, cider and a lot of laughter. And the most stabby looking entry way to an Airbnb flat ever.

Saturday was the debut of a brand new costume for me. I’ve been working away on Silk Spectre (the Sally Jupiter version from the movie), and part of the costume was made specially for me by the very talented Stephanie Kyles. Steph is a actually a specialist in bridal wear, but she makes all sorts if you ask her nicely. She did an amazing job on Silk for me. The dress was beautiful and fitted perfectly; quite a feat when we didn’t actually have a single fitting and she worked entirely from measurements I took myself and sent her!  I definitely recommend Steph for commissioned pieces like this. She works fast, she’s reasonably priced and she’s great at what she does.

Silk Spectre and Rorschach Cosplay

Anyway, Silk went down very well indeed. I found lots of other Watchmen to hang out with too. Rain had a go at spoiling things for us, but David and I found a gang of friends to hang out with while the rain kept us stuck under an awning outside for a while. Other highlights of the day included walking past Mark Gatiss, tracking down the lovely Emmeting Is Awesome and cuddling a giant Meowth in the form of Dante Dent Cosplay.

I had a shoot that evening with Sandy Smith Photography. Sandy’s a good friend and a great photographer. I’ve got a few photos to share with you from that, so keep an eye out later in the week. They’re awesome, trust me. After the shoot, the whole gang refuelled on all you can eat Indian food, and then me and the boys headed into The Fox for a drink, where we learnt that being dressed as Silk Spectre is very helpful in getting served quickly at the bar.

Sunday, with sore feet from Silk, was X-Men day. We ended up with eight different X-Men in our group; Dark Phoenix, Hope Summers, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Quicksilver and Wolverine. David and I found another Rogue and Gambit, who I really hope we can track down again, as they were awesome. We joined in with the Marvel vs DC shoot, which had a pretty good turn out, but was a bit slow to get going. It’s always great to get some shots of cosplayers on mass like that, but the meet took a while to actually start being a shoot, and instead spent a while with the DC side bellowing taunts at the Marvel side, the majority of which stood around looking bored and waiting for the actual photo shoot part to start. We slipped off early, deciding lunch was a more interesting option. We did manage to grab some great shots ourselves though while we were out by the water. We rounded up another Wolverine and a gender-swapped Storm.

X-Men Cosplay

Image pinched from Shannon of NuRevelations Cosplay

We got some fun shots, including some Summers family portraits with Cyclops, Jean Grey and Hope Summers. David and I had another attempt to recreate a favourite Rogue and Gambit cover. I think we did better than last time (at least we stood the right way round this time…), but I think we still haven’t quite nailed it. I have thumb prints on my ribcage now too. How do you think we did?

Rogue and Gambit Cosplay Cover Recreation

We had a blast at MCM this time, even if I am absolutely shattered now and half the group have gone down with post-con flu. David, myself and two thirds of NuRevelations are back out for MCM Birmingham in November. See you there?

Friday Round Up

Friday round up

1. Margaritas at Bodega. 2. Menu testing at Bodega. 3. Teesside Unleashed with mini Ant-Man and Mystique.

Happy Friday! Is it just me or did this week last about ten years? I feel like I’m going to write about some things from aaaaages ago, not last weekend.

I started out the weekend in Teesside, at Teesside Unleashed with David. It’s a small, local con so we usually know most of the other cosplayers around when we do the local ones. It’s nice to get a smaller convention in, catch up with some friends and have a good gossip with the lovelies from The Geek Asylum, which if you’re even vaguely geeky you should join, because they’re all super babes. I befriended a five year old dressed as Mystique, who was proper adorable. The blue make-up took her mum two hours apparently. I couldn’t sit still that long! Other highlights included watching Pam Rose (yes, from Star Wars) tweaking Fast-Layne Cosplay‘s nipples (he was shirtless, as usual), Darth Revan – North East‘s new Hades cosplay and his hilarious, constant duck-facing, and discovering that even as a pair, Rogue and Gambit are not worthy to pick up Mjolnir, much to a tiny Thor’s delight. The rest of the weekend included many cuddles with Milo the Maltese, lots of very tasty food at the Peppermill Bistro, and petting shoes I cannot afford in Schuh. There’s Wonder Woman Converse out that I hadn’t seen before and now I need them.

On Monday, I was at Bodega, drinking far too many cocktails and learning about Tequila. Blog post to follow next week! Wednesday was spent at the NEC for UK Construction Week. Wednesday was for work, but I’m back again this weekend to check out Grand Designs, so expect a post on that some time next week too. No spoilers, but obviously I watched Bake Off and I am so pleased with the result. A well deserved win.

This week’s links:
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Watching this week:
Great British Bake Off, obviously. But also, finally, Breaking Bad. Better late than never, right?