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Sunday Best at Pieminister

Sunday Best

Living with a Northerner means I understand the importance of both a good pie, and a good Sunday roast. Pieminister have worked some witchery to combine the two with their new Sunday Best option, which when they emailed me to ask if I wanted to try it, sounded simultaneously genius and completely insane. So naturally, I accepted the offer.

I’ve eaten at Pieminister a couple of times before, once when they first opened, and once during this year’s Snowmageddon.


While perusing the menu, I ordered one of the soft drinks they make in house, the Cloudy Lemonade (£4). It was beautifully sharp and refreshing, but I do think the price is a bit steep for a soft drink, especially in comparison to the price of the pies.

Sunday Best

The Sunday Best option (£9.95)is a new addition for the Autumn menu, and only available on Sundays. You select a pie, and it comes piled high with a Yorkshire pudding, mash and a selection of classic Roast dinner trimmings.

Moo and Blue

I went the for the Moo and Blue, which has lots of excellent blue cheese hit, while Dave chose the Chicken of Aragon, which he tried last time, and really enjoyed.

All the individual parts of the roast option were tasty, with piles of fluffy mash, well cooked veg and crisp potatoes. My yorkshire was a little chewy, but Dave’s was perfect, so perhaps just bad luck on my part. We did think it was strange that both pies were automatically served with horseradish on the side. This made sense for mine, but was not at all the right thing for Dave’s chicken filling. The real highlight was a twirl of salty gorgeousness in the form of some pork crackling.

Sunday lunch

For the huge mound of food you get, the price is an undeniable bargain, but to be completely honest, while it was all very tasty, I found the whole thing a bit much. I’m no carb fearer, and I can eat for England, but the combo of pie crust, mash, yorkshire and more potato was all a bit stodgy, and it desperately needed something fresher to boost it. Even some peas or anything else green would have lifted the whole thing a bit.

Pie and Gravy

It’s also just a lot of food. I wasn’t able to finish mine, and judging by the plates around me, lots of other diners can’t either. While I appreciate a hulking plate of food, I’m beginning to be increasingly turned off by dishes designed purely to be massive. The food waste this sort of thing must generate doesn’t sit right with me. I’d rather see them drop the additional potatoes and switch it out for some more veg, to make the plate load more manageable and altogether fresher.

Having said that, next time we have Dave’s best mate from back home visiting, this is a solid option he’d probably love, so if you love nothing better than a Sunday roast that would fill you up for a week, you meant get on better than I did.

I was a guest of Pieminister, and all our food and drink were complementary for the purpose of honest review. All words, images and opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure policy here

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