Slutty Brownies

Tom has been gently hinting lately that he would like it if I baked some more cookies. In the early weeks of our relationship, back when I was still trying to impress him, I made quite a few little treats; cookies, toffee, brownies…
Now, of course, I’m not trying to woo him with sugar, I bake a little less. On Sunday though, I caved, and ended up making a real favourite of both of ours. Slutty Brownies. I discovered these via The Londoner and Our Little Balham Life. Basically, they’re the best combination of cookie, brownie and Oreo. As The Londoner puts it, they’re slutty because they’re super easy and more than a little filthy. They are easy too; this is barely a recipe, more plonking things in a pan and shoving it in the oven.
So! First of all, assemble your ingredients.
Slutty Brownies
You will need:

  • One box of Brownie mix
  • 1 egg
  • 2 packets of cookie mix
  • Oil
  • 2 packets of Oreos (if you can find them, double-stuffed would be ah-ma-zing)
  • Greaseproof paper

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. To start off, grab a big mixing bowl.and make up the cookie mix, following the packet instructions. Stick in an extra tablespoon of oil, which will help the cookie part stay super gooey and moist.
Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper, and squidge in the cookie mix. Squidge is the operative word here. Fling it in, and squidge it down and into the corners until you get a good base.
Next, lay out your Oreos on top of the cookie layer. Try not to eat too many at this point, or you won’t have any room left for Brownies.
Slutty BrowniesNext, make the brownie batter, following the packet’s instructions. See, told you this was easy. Then, pour the batter into a nice even layer over the Oreos.
Slutty Brownies If you’re having trouble getting the batter into a smooth layer, I find the back of a metal tablespoon works really well to smooth everything out and get the mix into any fiddly gaps. It seems to stick less to the metal than it does a wooden spoon.
Now, you’re ready for the shoving in the oven part. My oven is a little bit temperamental and can get a bit over-excited, so I bake these for 25 minutes. Most ovens will probably need 30 minutes. Check the brownies at around the 25 minute mark, and see how they’re getting on. You want the top to be baked solid, but with a little give, so the brownies are still a bit gooey inside.
Slutty BrowniesWhen you’re happy with the bake, use the edges of the baking paper to lift the brownies out of the tray. Slice them into squares, ready for devouring. These are quite sickly and rich, so you don’t need big slices (although Tom might disagree with me there).
You don’t need me for the final stage. Just shove them in your mouth. Go on.

If you want to fancy things up a little, I think adding extra chocolate chips, or chunks of chocolate in the brownie layer could be awesome, or maybe some chopped nuts if you’re that way inclined. Personally, I just like these classic. Mostly, Tom and I just scarf them down as they are, but they’d be delicious served warm with icecream if you’re patient enough for that.