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Six Reasons You Should Visit Disney Without Kids

Visit Disney Without Kids

Who remembers that amazing rant from last year from that mother who was furious that childless couples go to Disney parks? In case, you missed it, here’s the post that started it all, from Twitter user @jenkatwrites.

As an immature millennial who loves to spend my money on both useless crap AND trips to Disney parks, this tantrum was hilarious to me. If you too want to enrage this woman and other people who think child-free people should not *checks notes* wear shorts while buying a pretzel shaped like Mickey Mouse, then check out this top reasons why you absolutely should visit a Disney without kids.

  1. Please yourself. Kids whine. A lot. The trouble with taking kids to a theme park, especially one as large as most of the Disney parks is that you have to arrange your day around them. How far can they walk before they’re too tired? How well can they cope with the heat of the American parks? Will you have to miss the fireworks because you need to put a toddler to bed? Are they old enough to go on all the best rides, or will you be stuck riding the teacups all day? A child-free Disney trip means nobody to please but yourselves. Ride Space Mountain four times in a row. Skip the rides and drink in Epcot’s bars instead. Do what you want.
  2. Save money. Disney’s not cheap, so the fewer people you have to pay for the better. Taking kids to Disney can get even pricier, as coughing up cash for fussy eaters in restaurants or on the dining plan is usually not worth it. It’s also much hardy to persuade kids not to buy over-priced souvenirs (not that many of us adults can resist the siren song of the gift shop, or so my four pairs of Mickey ears would suggest).
  3. Pack light. Travelling without kids is much simpler. No strollers, no extra suitcase, no bag of toys to amuse fussy kids while travelling, and no giant bag of essentials for a day in the park.
  4. Grown-up activities and events. Disney hosts a surprising amount of events aimed at adults only. One of the most popular is the Taste of Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. While the event is technically family-friendly, most kids aren’t interested in strolling between booths and outdoor kitchens sampling foods for hours, and certainly can’t enjoy the wines on offer. Not visiting Epcot during the festival? Take advantage of the opportunity to take the Drink Around The World challenge, or do I what I did and eat and drink your way around the different countries.
  5. Off-season travel. Unfortunately, there’s no real off-season at Disney, but being able to travel during term-time is still an advantage. You’ll be able to dodge some of the worst queues, and other parts of your trip, such as flights or Eurostar tickets may also be cheaper to get hold of.
  6. Dining options. When you think of Disney food, you might think of those quick-service burger places and absolutely everything shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. Disney is home to some top-class restaurants, including AAA Five-Diamond dining. Some of the bars and restaurants even have age limits or don’t allow children after a particular time, so you’re missing out if you’re there with children.

Child-free but always dreamed of living your best Disney princess fantasy? Pack your bags (and your ears) for an amazing, child-free adventure at any of the Disney parks that take your fancy.

What do you think? Is it weird to visit Disney without kids? What are the best child-free things to do in the Disney parks? Join the conversation on Twitter!

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