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Siamais, Birmingham

Last week,  Brum Bloggers set me up on a date with the wonderful Laura from Bite Your Brum. We went to try out Brindley Place Thai restaurant, Siamais.


Siamais Birmingham

On arrival, we found that Helen from Positive Fridays and Natasha from Nutella Tasha, had their date the same evening, so we decided to make it a double and sit together. The restaurant and bar are both an eclectic mix of Thai curiosity shop and sleek dining room, with basket lights, lanterns and birdcages. We settled ourselves at a table and our friendly waiter, Peter, talked us through the cocktail menu. He was so knowledgeable about all the drinks, and obviously excited about their more showy drinks. He made a few recommendations, but choosing was difficult as the list is huge, and it all sounds interesting.

Singapore Fling

I chose the Singapore Fling (£8.95), which is gin and pineapple, served with a cherry and a spherified caviar ball, filled with lychee and guava. The caviar ball was mostly just like eating a lychee. The drink is served in a very pretty glass that looks like a piece of bamboo, with a straw to match. It was fruity and summery, and very tasty.

Peter was as ready with suggestions for our food orders as he was with our cocktail. Again, the advice was appreciated as the whole menu sounds tempting. Peter made suggestions for his personal favourites and best sellers from each section. Natasha, who is vegan, asked for an allergy menu. The manager popped over and we all braced ourselves for an awkward conversation where Natasha would have 90% of the menu slashed from her options. We could not have been more wrong. All the main dishes use coconut rather than cow’s milk, making it dairy free, and your server will happily adjust just about any dish to swap meat for vegetables, and they will add tofu to any dish on request. Good work, Siamais. Very impressive.

Soft Shell Crab

For my starter, I ordered the Soft Shell Crab in Salt and Chilli (£10). The portion size was very generous, which was good to see. The crab meat was soft and buttery, with a light, crisp batter. I love salty food, and the salt and chilli topping was perfect for me, with some good heat. My dining companions were all making yummy noises, so I think we can assume we all chose well.

Thai curry Birmingham

Next, I had the Massaman Curry with lamb (£14.95). Massaman curry is cooked in coconut milk, with potatoes, peanuts and onion, with a little star anise. The lamb was tender, and fell apart at the touch of a fork, soaking nicely into the thick, tasty curry sauce. The jasmine rice was cooked to perfection too. Again, the portion size was generous and I found myself struggling to finish. It was so tasty though.

For dessert, there was only one choice for me (and for Peter who seemed thrilled I was choosing his favourite). The Salted Caramel (£5.95). Creamy pudding topped with caramel, on a base of vanilla sponge, and sprinkled with shortbread biscuit crumb and salt. I described it the others as tasting like a fancy version of those Rolo yogurts. That’s a good thing, by the way. It was creamy, but not too sickly thanks to the salt. Yum. It went down very nicely washed down by a Tonka Bean Espresso Martini (£8.95). I think I prefer the regular version, but this was a nice twist, with a flavour that was almost almondy.

Cocktails Birmingham

Lastly, we were summoned to the bar for a surprise. The Bang Pai Falls (£18.50) is the show stopper of Siamais’s cocktail menu. Designed to be shared between two (or for one brave soul) the cocktail is made from run, cherry, vanilla and cranberry juice. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the cocktail is named for the bright blue water of the falls, and you’ll see why if you order it. There was overproof rum, some flames, and then this incredible skull (his name is Bob, apparently) pouring smoke. It was great fun and a brilliant bit of showmanship, plus the cocktail tastes like cake mix, which is always good.

Bang Pai Falls

Every member of staff we spoke to was super friendly, and I don’t think we got the VIP treatment because they knew we were reviewing. Our waiter didn’t realise we were bloggers until partway through the meal, and I could see him being equally chatty and attentive with other tables. Siamais feels like a very stylish, but welcoming venue. Everything I ate and drank was gorgeous, and we ended up enjoying ourselves so much we were in there for three hours, and had exchanged business cards with the lovely Peter before we left.

I definitely recommend you check out Siamais. So hello to Peter (and Bob) and tell them Caramel Latte Kiss sent you.

Food and drink at Siamais was complementary in return for an honest review. All opinions are honest and my own. All prices are correct at the time of writing. 

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