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Sea Life Centre, Birmingham

Playing tourist in your own town can be the best fun sometimes. With a random Friday off after my birthday, Dave and I decided to play at being tourist, with a classic of childhood holidays. We paid a visit to the Sea Life Centre.

Sea Life Centre Birmingham

Where can I see penguins in Birmingham?

I have been before, but not for ages, so I was delighted to discover the Sea Life Centre in Brindley Place now has penguins. We arrived right at feeding time, so the penguins were all happily gobbling down fish and swimming around all over the place. The enclosure is lined with huge windows, including two viewing areas where you can see under the water, so there’s plenty of space to stand and watch the penguins having a good penguin time.

The rest of the Sea Life Centre is arranged in sections, so the fish and other creatures are grouped by where you would find them in the wild, like coastal waters, or particular seas. It was really interesting to get some idea of where the animals come from, and it really aids the Sea Life Centre’s aim to help protect sea life by educating the public about it.

Sea Life Centre

Summer Holiday Activities Birmingham

My favourite part by far is the final tank, which is enormous. It has a tunnel going right through it, so the sea life inside a swimming above, below and all around you. The tank is filled with so many fish, sharks and one gorgeous Giant Sea Turtle. The Sea Turtle was totally hypnotising to watch swim. The Sea Life Centre have had him for around 20 years, but he was smuggled into the country illegally 40 years ago before he was rescued. Obviously he can’t be released back into the wild now, so he’s serving as an ambassador for his endangered species now.

Giant Sea Turtle

We both really, really enjoyed the Sea Life Centre (even the otters were all hiding…) and found it really interesting, so don’t be put off visiting if you don’t have kids. If you do have littles to entertain though, it’s a great option. It’s about the right size for small attention spans, and the access is really great for wheelchairs and pushchairs, as everything is ramps with handrails, and there’s plenty of lifts for the only part that does involve stairs.

I do think the standard entry price is a little steep, considering we were only in there a couple of hours. However, there are lots of really great deals. If you book online, in advance, you can get up to 40% off. If you travel by train or bus to get there, National Rail and National Express offer vouchers that allow you to claim two for one tickets, which is a bargain.

We paid in full for our entry to the Sea Life Centre. All opinions are honest and my own. They didn’t know I was a blogger. 

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