Scenes From My Weekend

This weekend, I set off to my home from home, Cardiff, to visit my best mate. I was intending to take lots of pictures while I was away, but as soon as I got there, the wine came out, so that just didn’t happen.

We had a girly night of wine and pizza with some not so girly movie choices. ITV seemed to be having some sort of Vin Diesel night, so we sat and watched Fast and Furious and The Chronicles of Riddick. Chronicles somehow led to us doing impressions of the face Karl Urban makes in the Judge Dredd film. You can only see his mouth, and I think it makes him look like a sad turtle.

Sad turtle face aside, Annette was in need of a birthday outfit, so we hit the St David’s Centre. Sadly, she didn’t find the outfit she had in mind, but we did find some pretty good birthday shoes in the form of some pretty sparkly wedge trainers.

weekend pics

  1. Nails of the weekend! This is Essie in Berry Naughty. I love Essie polishes, mostly because of how gorgeous the displays look in Boots. Although, top tip Essie fans, TK Maxx often have them in sets of three for under a tenner, which is a bargain for Essie. It’s really worth keeping your eye out for those.
  2. There is no better start to the morning than a nice cup of tea. Especially if the tea is in a Dr Who mug.
  3. tReds is like a siren call to me (hey, quick poll, do you say it like T-Reds, or Treads?). Usually, I just gravitate to the Converse, but I love most of their shoes. I seem to be obsessed with oxblood at the moment, so these wedges by Rocket Dog caught my eye. I’m sure the velvety stuff would be trashed in no time, but aren’t they pretty?
  4. LOOK at these. Sorry, Tom, I know I horrified you trying on glittery shoes, but I fell in love with these. There’s a great cheapy shoe shop that I can never remember the name of in the St David’s centre (it’s at the new end, by Hollister), where I bought these in the sale, for the ridick bargain of £3.74. Insanity. Annette went home with an identical pair.

Now, Annette may have had no luck buying a birthday outfit, but I found a seriously cute dress to wear on her birthday night out, which I can’t wait to share with you guys. I’m going to wait til after the night out though, so I can share the full look I have in mind.

We also had a good old trying on session, and apparently I’m still wanting to be a superhero.

Cartoon print Topshop dress

We both tried on this cartoon print body-con dress in Topshop, which I kinda loved. I think the print is a bit much on me, but it’s so fun. There’s SO much of this super-hero type stuff around at the moment. I think the official trend is ‘pop-art’, coming in for Spring, but it just looks like to superheroes to me.

I’ll leave you with a question. If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

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