Is It Safe To Stay In An Airbnb During COVID-19?

Is it safe to stay in an airbnb during covid-19

After months at home, and holidays cancelled left, right and centre, we’re all in need of a bloody break. I don’t want to fly abroad yet, so I’m all about the UK break. I’ve been busily stalking many an Airbnb, but is it safe to stay in an Airbnb during COVID-19?

Like most things during these unprecedented times (take a shot if you’re playing a Coronavirus drinking game), whether you feel safe to go or not is really about your personal preferences. However, there are some things that you can do to make your trip as safe as possible, but still get to look at a different set of walls than your own.

How to make it safe to stay in an Airbnb

Obviously you can’t guarantee that your Airbnb of choice is 100% safe, just like you can’t be certain the supermarket or the pub is. But there are some things you can do to make things safer.

  • Talk to your host. Before you go anywhere, ask your host what they’re doing about COVID-19 safety. Ideally, you want a buffer between the last guests leaving and you arriving, and the place to be thoroughly cleaned, so there’s no nasties left lurking on surfaces.
  • Choose your Airbnb carefully. If you’re off on your holidays with someone you don’t usually live with, make sure you’re booking somewhere big enough to isolate someone who starts showing symptoms. If you don’t plan on social distancing when you get there, you should quarantine before you, go and when you get back.
  • Wear a mask when you arrive and open the windows. Alright, this is probably overkill, but if there wasn’t much turnover time between guests or someone has been in scrubbing the place, there may well be droplets in the air still. Pop your mask on when you go in and get some windows open to encourage airflow.
  • Pack disinfectants and sanitisers in your luggage. If you’re nervous, throw a disinfectant in the car. Before you unpack, give any high-touch areas a quick clean. Think surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, and door handles. Wear gloves while you’re scrubbing. Don’t touch your face while you’re cleaning, and give your hands a really good wash as soon as you’re done.
  • Be smart. Look, you’re not an idiot. You’re away from home, so wash your hands even more than you currently are, and resist the urge to lick anything, okay?
Is It Safe To Stay In An Airbnb During COVID-19

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