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Return to the Magic Kingdom

After the torrential rain on our first visit, Dave and I decided to spend our last day in Orlando by going back to the Magic Kingdom.

Cinderella's Castle

Muppets at Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was so different in the dryer weather! There seemed to be something happening around every corner we turned, with street performers, vintage vehicles driving around, the parade and characters popping up all over the place. All the activity confirmed the Magic Kingdom as my favourite of all the parks, and I decided it was actually really lovely to both start and end our Disney days here.

Fruit Punch

Mickey Ice Cream

Gaston's Tavern

Despite still being full of IHOP breakfast, I couldn’t resist a couple of last Disney snacks and drinks. A Strawberry Lemonade Slushy from the Tortuga Tavern cooled us off nicely, and we got them with the souvenir Mickey straws. One of the straws has already been claimed by Disney mad colleague, so that was a good buy! I snacked on the classic Mickey Ice Cream Bar, which was like an extra nice choc ice.

At Gaston’s Tavern, we both ordered LeFou’s Brew which is frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted masrhmallow, and topped with passion fruit mango foam. Somehow, this is not sickly, and instead fruity and yummy, and tasted sort of bonfire night-ish. I also had a trio of macarons (chocolate, vanilla and coffee) which were excellent.

Gaston's Tavern

Castle mosaic

Haunted Mansion

We worked our way round some of the rides we’d missed the first time. Obviously, we had to do Pirates of the Caribbean, which now seems to be a large game of ‘Spot Captain Jack Sparrow’. We also did Jungle Cruise, which is brilliant. Your cruise along in a river boat while your skipper tells you bad jokes and entirely made-up facts about the animals you see. It was hilarious.

Peter Pan

Being the mature adult that I am, I of course had to go and meet one of my very favourite characters. Peter Pan is one of my favourite Disney films, but it’s the character of Peter that I love most. I adore JM Barrie‘s book and have loved most versions of Peter’s story, from Hook to Finding Neverland. This Peter was perfect; mischievous, funny and utterly in character. We had a  short chat, about first trips to Disney, about my new engagement, and of course, rides. He advised us not to ride on It’s A Small World, as apparently it hypnotises you.

Then it was time to say goodbye. My week at Disney World was truly amazing, and I’m already dying to go back, and to visit all the other Disney parks around the world.

You can see my vlog from the day here:


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