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Quick Lunch at Soho Coffee Company

A new coffee shop appearing is always exciting for me, especially one so close to my office. I popped into the new Soho Coffee Company for a quick lunch.

Upstairs in Debenhams, Soho Coffee Co. actually describe themselves as an independent. They serve 100% Arabica, drum-roast, fairtrade coffee and handmade food. The branch in Debenhams is in the space previously occupied by Chi Kitchen, so it is very light, with huge windows.

Soho Coffee Company

The fit-out is classic ‘trendy coffee stop’ with exposed lighting, a scattering of small tables and a huge circular table in the middle for the laptop club. I grabbed a table in the window, and settled in. The light is lovely (ideal for bloggers taking pictures too) but I did think the shop was cold, so I hope they sort that out before Autumn arrives.

Lunch spots in Birmingham

I ordered my usual caramel latte and chose the Tennessee pulled pork toastie. Both arrived quickly from the friendly barista and I tucked in.

The sandwich isn’t huge, but was about right for a small lunch. The sourdough was still fluffy after toasting and was obviously very fresh. I would have maybe liked a touch more filling with the pulled pork inside was tasty, and at least it wasn’t messy to eat from overfilling.

Caramel latte

The coffee was flavourful with a good, rich taste, and not drowned in the caramel syrup. It looked pretty too, but with the big cup, it did cool quite quickly, as the cafe was quite cold anyway.

The whole lot (with crisps) came to a little over £8, which is about on par with similar orders from the big high street chains. It was quiet when I went in and I wonder if, tucked away at the back of Debenhams’ shoe department, people haven’t quite found it yet. It would be ideal for working in, as table real estate isn’t in high demand and there wasn’t much noise. I can also see it being somewhere I would pick when my mum is in town for some shopping. Easy to get at, and with options to please us both.

I paid in full at Soho Coffee Company. All opinions are honest and my own. They didn’t know I was a blogger. 


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