Pintested: Caramel Peanut Butter Bars

Often when I’m on Pinterest, Tom will lean over my shoulder and point at foods he thinks look tasty. A shot of incredibly gooey Caramel Peanut Butter Bars caught his eyes, and after repeated requests for them, I decided to give them a go. The recipe was an American one, so I had to swap out a couple of ingredients for the UK equivalent.

I started by making the cake-like base of the bars. This was the first problem. On tasting the mix, it seemed super floury to me. Not sure if that was me being cack-handed, my measuring cups, or me interpreting the recipe wrong. Either way, I carried on, hoping the other ingredients would balance out the flour taste. The recipe than called for Graham Crackers, which we don’t have in the UK, but some googling informed me Digestive Biscuits were the closest thing.


I got the cake layer squidged in a tin, and covered it with a layer of chocolate chips and biscuit. Unfortunately Tom had already been at the pack of biscuits and left it open on the side, so they weren’t as firm and crisp as they could have been. Next up, was mixing a lot of peanut butter into a can of condensed milk.




Tom appeared at this point to check on progress, and sample the peanut butter mix. Between us, we got the mix poured over the rest of the bars. I think Tom enjoyed this bit.


Bars in the oven, and bowl thoroughly scraped by Tom, we waited. The bars were in for about half an hour, which, on reflection, was probably a bit long in our crazy oven. Once baked, you have to leave them for at least three hours to set.


Tom quite liked these, but to me they seemed a bit…bland? The cake layer tasted of nothing, and the peanut butter caramel wasn’t gooey at all, or for that matter caramelly. I think the problem was in my own ingredients; either in swaps I had to make, or the quality just not being there. I think our oven overcooked them too. So, Pinterest verdict? Eh, ok, perfectly non-offensive, but wouldn’t make again.

Prove me wrong; original recipe is from here, please do make them and tell me how I get them how they should be!