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Pho, Birmingham

A group of us from the office took ourselves for lunch at Pho, in Grand Central. Pho specialise in, shockingly, pho, a vietnamese noodle soup, as well as other vietnamese dishes.

Pho, Birmingham

We were quickly seated a long table and settled in to stare in bewilderment at the menu. Pho is one of those places where everything sounds tasty, so it’s a struggle to choose. I chose a Green Tea Lemonade, which was fresh and tasty. I like lemonade quite sharp, and this was spot on.

Cơm tấm rang

I ordered the Cơm tấm rang, which is spicy wok-fried broken rice, with chicken and dried shrimp. Watching the frankly gargantuan bowls of Pho my colleagues were presented with, I was slightly concerned what sort of monster meal I might have unwittingly ordered. Luckily, this was an actual sensible human amount of food for lunchtime.

Considering it’s largely rice, I was surprised how flavourful this was. The dish is lightly spicy, and somehow almost sweet. There was plenty of chicken and shrimp distributed through the dish, and it reminded me a little of a very good egg-fried rice. You can add some more spice with a side of chili sauce, which is a nice touch.

Everything being eaten around the table looked good, and everybody seemed to be content with their ordering choices. I feel like I need to go back and try more dishes.

I paid in full at Pho. All opinions are honest and my own. They didn’t know I was a blogger. 

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