Pamper Sessions: The Body Shop

I confess. For me, The Body Shop brings to mind amazing smelling body butters, a lot of tea tree oil and the handcream my mum likes. Turns out I was wrong. New ranges are being added all the time. With the same standards the brand has always had on ethical and sustainable products, The Body Shop are now bringing more skin and beauty specialists onto staff and offering some fantastic services to help their customers make the most of their products.

The Body Shop makeover

The team at The Body Shop in the Bullring invited me along to try out their skincare and makeup consultations. These consultations are available to all customers and are totally free. Just pop into store and ask.

First off I sat down with skincare expert, Emma. Emma asked me a lot of questions about my skin; what my problems are, my current skincare routine and what I hoped to get out of the consultation. I have dry to combination skin, with oiliness around my t-zone. I’m also very fair, with freckles, and while my skin isn’t sensitive, I do want to use the best products for my skin type. After our chat, Emma went off to gather some products.

We started with a cleanse with the Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser. We actually ended up deciding this was probably too drying for my skin. This is a shame, as I actually really liked the scent of this; really clean and not seaweedy at all! Next was a scrub with a Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish. This is a very fine scrub, which felt nice and gentle on the skin. We followed this with the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner, to replace some of the moisture we lost from the cleanser. The pampering really started after this.

Emma treated me to an amazing facial massage. She used a few drops of the Oils of Life Facial Oil and firmly worked it into my skin, with sweeping upwards gestures. Facial massage can be done on yourself too, with a good facial oil. It’s very relaxing and encourages the product to really soak into the skin and get to work. Emma was very soothing, talking me through what she was doing and getting me to relax despite the oddness of getting a face massage in the middle of the store! My favourite product came next. The Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask is designed to be worn over night, but Emma used it on me for a few minutes to show me the product. The mask felt gorgeous, really nourishing. I was pleasantly surprised how little product was needed to cover my whole face too. The jar of this would last you forever. A quick swipe of the Oils of Life Essence Lotion to finish, and we were done! All the products Emma used felt great and my skin was so soft, and really glowy, for days afterwards. She also wrote me up a little skincare plan to take away, which comes as a standard part of the consultation. I was very impressed by all this. As a free service, you get so much information and lots of suggestions on products, with no pressure to buy. The Body Shop, in my experience, are always really good about giving samples, so I’m sure if you asked nicely, they’d give you samples of products used in your consultation to test out by yourself at home. Emma was clearly so knowledgeable and excited by what she does, which was a real pleasure to experience.

The Body Shop skincare consultation

Onto the makeover! I moved over to the beauty area and met Pav, my makeup artist, and resident makeup guru at the Bullring store. Pav might be my favourite person now. She clearly knows her stuff and chattered away like a best girl friend, talking about makeup, our favourite online beauty gurus and the world of blogging.

I must admit, I often forget the Body Shop do makeup. They’ve actually got a pretty impressive range now, and a great price point. Price wise, it’s comparable to other high-street brands you’d expect to find in Boots or Superdrug. The range has been expanded, and there’s a lot of new products to come very soon.

Pav set to work creating a gorgeous pinup inspired style makeup look for me. I admit, I lost track of exactly which products she used, but I’ll talk you through some of my favourites. Pav started with the eyes, as with a cateye flick like this, it’s easier to tidy up afterwards. I am in love with the super sized flicks she drew. With the softly smoky eye in browns, the look stayed wearable for day while still being dramatic. I really need to up my liquid liner game!

I was really impressed with the foundation too. I struggle to find foundation I like. I don’t like too heavy a coverage, as I find the look of washed out freckles is strange, and with my combination skin, finding the right formula can be tricky. The Moisture Foundation was light and natural looking. It’s very layerable if you do like a heavier coverage. The finish was beautiful. Soft, and velvety looking. As an added bonus, it’s also SPF15. I might be popping back to pick this up…

The Body Shop makeup

The look was finished off with a defined brow, achieved with the very popular 3 in 1 Brow Definer, and the classic pinup red pout. This lipstick is the Colour Crush Lipstick in the shade 115 – Enraptured Red. I loved this colour and definitely need to add it to my ever increasing collection of red lipsticks. It’s a beautiful blue red, and the wear time was amazing. With a liner, this stayed looking flawless for hours, even after a cup of coffee. Nice work, Body Shop.

The service I got from everyone at the Body Shop was amazing. They all know the products back to front, and were so, so friendly without being invasive. Emma and Pav were wonderful, and I even ended up chatting away to one of the other women on staff about her daughter’s obsession with Zoella! I came away with a little goody bag of products too, which I unpacked in the last vlog. I cannot recommend the consultations enough, and if you’re like me, and often overlook the Body Shop for makeup, I suggest you go in and have a play with the products. If you’re in the Bullring, tell Pav and Emma I sent you.


The Body Shop invited me to try out their services, but this is not a paid post, nor was I required to write about the experience. All opinions are honest and my own.