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New Mead Cocktail Menu Lands at the Vanguard

The Vanguard Birmingham

The fabulous Vanguard has launched the UK’s first Mead based cocktail menu. The cocktail bar and meadery has been championing modern mead since they opened last year, and the new cocktail menu is another innovation in mead. Mead is made with fermented honey and water, and has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. …

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Avenue Q at The Alexandra, Birmingham

Avenue Q, the seriously adult puppet musical, has landed at The Alexandra in Birmingham. Avenue Q takes place in the down and out area of Avenue Q in New York City, following the story of college graduate Princeton (Lawrence Smith) as he navigates love, friendship and finding some purpose in the adult world. The musical …

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Adam’s Restaurant, Birmingham


Buying Christmas presents for yourself is always nice, especially when that present is the tasting menu at one of Birmingham’s best restaurant. Dave and I decided to treat ourselves to a night of excellent eating a couple of days before Christmas, and took ourselves to the Michelin starred Adam’s Restaurant. I love how Michelin dining starts …

Bars and Pubs, Food & Drink

New Menu at Dr Jeykll’s Gin Parlour


Most of us have sampled the candy shop concoctions at the bar of Jekyll and Hyde, but did you know, you’ve only experienced half the bar? Venture upstairs, away from the busy bar and cocktails topped with candy floss, and find Dr Jekyll’s Gin Parlour. Dr Jekyll’s Gin Parlour Up here, things are quieter and a little …