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Musical Bingo at the Botanist

Earlier this week, myself and the lovely ladies from Bite Your Brum, Bella & Robot and Miss Pond took ourselves for a girl’s night out to Musical Bingo at the Botanist. Ready for a night of bingo, cocktails and some tasty food, I arrived already excited.

Musical Bingo

But what, I hear you cry, is Musical Bingo? Instead of your more traditional numbers, instead the Botanist has a live musician playing the intro to famous songs. Your card has song titles on it, so you have to identify the song, mark it on your card and aim for either a line, two lines or a full house, depending on the round.

After a  bit of confusion with our table when we first arrived, we eventually managed to get settled downstairs in the Plants Room. It’s a lovely space, with it’s own bar, and we blagged a booth and set about choosing some dinner.

Botanist Deli Board

I decided to make up on the of Botanist Deli Boards (£10.75). You can choose four items from a large list of options to add to your board, which automatically comes with Fougasse bread. I chose the Green Olives, the Scotch egg with piccalilliWarm chorizo and Smoked mackerel pâté.

The Scotch egg was gorgeous, with a runny yolk and a lovely crisp breadcrumb coating. With some added tang from the piccalilli, I was very pleased. The chorizo is a generous portion, and was tasty, if perhaps a tiny bit tough. The mackerel pâté was creamy and a good strong fish taste. I started off smearing it onto chunks of the Fougasse bread, but I soon abandoned the bread as I found it was too crisp and dry for my taste. I’d have preferred something a little softer, or maybe a nice Sourdough instead. The green olives are a massive portion and were very tasty. I like the idea of the board in general, as it’s a nice way to adapt what you eat. Laura of Bite Your Brum is currently following the Body Coach, and she found it quite easy to find options for the deli board that matched her requirements.

Cocktails Birmingham

A round of cocktails were delivered and we got stuck in. I chose the Rhubarb and Gin Old Fashioned (£9.95) which is Portobello Road Gin stirred with rhubarb, a pinch of black pepper and garnished with grapefruit zest. I love a sharp, boozy cocktail and this hit the spot beautifully. Be careful of too enthusiastic straw use as you get towards the bottom though, or you get an unpleasant mouthful of black pepper bits. It was very tasty, but I’m certain it was a little different to the version we had at the #TrustYourSenses event the other week, and it even seemed to be slightly different to Laura’s, who had ordered the same thing. Perhaps just a difference in bartender?

Musical Bingo Botanist

Fed and watered, it was time for Bingo. A live keyboard player tested our knowledge at song guessing. We played three rounds, and soon found ourselves over excited, singing along loudly and jabbing wildly at our cards with our bingo dabbers. Unfortunately it wasn’t very busy, I think because of the pouring rain, but I’ve heard some months they have as many as 60. I can imagine it’s a real party vibe with that many having a singalong, but even with the smaller numbers, we had a hell of a lot of fun.

By some miracle, I managed to get a full house on the first round and was given a choice of prizes. I chose a voucher for an in-store facial and a goody bag at Kiehls. I’m really excited to use it!

Musical Bingo is held in the Plants Room at the Botanist on the last Tuesday of the month, and is completely free to attend, although they do recommend booking a table in advance. We attended not as bloggers, just for a night out, and we paid for our own food. The Botanist very kindly gifted us a cocktail each, but we were not obliged to write about the event. All words and opinions are honest and my own. 


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