Muse at Emirates Stadium

This is a day later than I promised, but I was not at all in a blogging mood yesterday and didn’t want to force it.

So, as I mentioned in my last post, myself and the Musers went to the Emirates Stadium on Saturday to see our favourite boys. Again. This time around they were supported by Bastille (who we missed) and Dizzee Rascal, who was actually pretty good fun.

Muse at Emirates

We had the usual hits, of course, if in a bizarre order (Knights of Cydonia randomly in the middle of a set, what?) as well as some surprise oldies, like Dead Star and Unintended.

Matt BellamyChris Wolstenholme and Matt Bellamy

The staging was great, with a giant bank of video screens, and a catwalk, which let the guys get pretty close to the crowd. As usual, Bellamy spent his time charging about like a crazy thing, rolling on the floor and flinging his guitar about. An open air venue at this time of year doesn’t allow for much lighting for most of the set, but a Muse show without lights to melt your face off just isn’t a Muse show. Of course, what they did manage to work in was amazing.

Matt Bellamy pianoMuse

There seemed to be more ‘story’ with the set this time round, even if it didn’t make much sense. The 2nd Law as an album is quite anti-corporate, and this show was quite overtly so. With animated, dancing politcians, bankers grabbing wildly for falling money and some sort of office drone drinking petrol (yes, really), it was all very odd, but Muse put in a top performance as always and I loved every moment, even if I was confused as all hell.

Muse aerial dancerMuse robot

There were some slightly more ‘normal’ surprises as well, if you can ever call a Muse gig normal. During the encore, we had a giant light bulb with an aerial dancer suspended from it floating over the crowd, and a huge robot, who I believe, according to Twitter, is named Steve. Obviously.

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