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Minmin Noodle Bar, Birmingham

Minmin Noodle Bar is a regular spot for my friends at work. It’s close to work, and has become a go to choice for birthday, leaving or payday lunches. Tucked just behind the Arcadian, Minmin is in a great location for lunch while you’re shopping. It’s bright white and green interior gives us a slight cafeteria air, but the food quality speaks for itself. Dave and I visited for lunch during the Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Minmin Noodle Bar

The place was packed out, but we were seated instantly and the service was quick throughout, despite how busy they were. We started with the Mix Combo Starter, which serves two. This was vietnamese spring rolls, chicken spring rolls, spare ribs and yuk sung. The ribs were perfectly cooked; the meat just fell off the bone. The chicken spring rolls were a particular stand out too. The batter was light and crisp, and the rolls were packed with well seasoned, flavourful filling. As a starter for two, the portion size is about right too. You eat one of everything each, and a few mouthfuls of yuk sung, so you’re still hungry for the main course, without feeling short changed.

Salt & Pepper Squid

For mains, I opted for my usual order of Salt and Chilli Pepper Squid. You get a very generous portion of squid, lightly battered and stir-fried with fresh chilli, salt, peppers and vegetables. I always order this, because it is delicious. Served with rice, the portion size is generous, with plenty of juicy squid. The spice is just the right amount of kick, adding flavour and heat without melting your face. The fresh veg adds crunch, and attractive colour on the plate.

Birmngham Noodle Bar

Dave ordered the Salt and Pepper Beef Cutlet, and a side of fried rice. The cutlet is slightly battered and stir-fried with salt and chilli pepper. Still on the bone, the meat was tender, with enjoyable crunch from the light batter. As with the squid, the chilli adds enough heat to give a kick, without overwhelming all other flavours.

Minmin is a great place for good value, well cooked food. I’ve eaten here a lot, and the service is always fast and friendly, the food is always spot on, and the bill is always pleasantly low. Definitely visit, if you haven’t already.

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