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Miami and the Everglades

We spent a few days in Miami, staying in Miami Beach.


I’ll confess that a lot of time was spent on sun loungers by the hotel pool or on the beach. We did manage to stroll around the area of Surfside on one afternoon. Miami Beach is a mix of art deco and Cuban looking architecture, lined with palm trees.

Surfside Turtles

We found a group of decorated turtles. Local Florida artists were invited to paint the thirteen turtles which line 93rd street, with the idea of raising conservation of the turtles native to the area.

Miami Beach


The beach stretches for miles, and we walked along it, paddling along in the sea, back along to the hotel.


We couldn’t come to Miami without checking out the Everglades. The Everglades National Park is a 1.5 million acres of wetland, and is home to lots of wildlife, including Alligators. We visited Coopertown, who have been running airboat tours since 1945.

The town is home to 8 human residents, who run the tours, and care for the animal residents.


We clambered aboard our airboat and we were off. You zip through a variety of different habitats that make up the ‘grass river’. Our guide told us about the National Park and some of the wildlife we might see…we were all hoping for ‘gators! We did spot one, but only the tail, before she was gone.


American Alligator

In the animal park, you can see plenty of alligators, including Big Man, the largest alligator in captivity in the world. Another guide showed us some of the other creatures that you can find in the ‘glades, including snakes and turtles. We had a go at feeding some turtles ourselves, but I didn’t fancy getting much closer to the alligators!

Lincoln Road

On our last night, we went to Lincoln Road, which is a gorgeous area, with shops and restaurants, with lots of fountains and art-deco buildings to look at.

Miami is beautiful, but just as mad as Orlando, I think. I’ll be back!

You can see my vlog from Miami here:

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