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Lunch at Pieminister, Birmingham

When the seemingly endless snow hit us, Dave and I found ourselves in town, post wedding fair and mostly freezing our behinds off, and in need of lunch. With the weather that cold, there was really only one option. Pie. You may remember I reviewed Pieminister back when they first opened, but we felt it was time for a revisit.


Pieminister Coffee

the drinks

Pieminister have a good range of milkshakes, cocktails and soft drinks, but due to the whole freezing my butt off situation, I opted for a latte this time. It wasn’t the best coffee I’ve ever had but I didn’t expect it to be. It was decently made though, and tasty and even had some pretty latte art on the top. The only issue I found was that as the restaurant wasn’t the warmest, the coffee didn’t stay hot long at all.

Pieminister Starters

The food

To start, we ordered a selection of small plates to share. You can get three for £10. We chose Halloumi ChipsPork Scratchings and Nocellara Olives. The olives were meaty and fresh, and the pork scratching were excellent with good crunch and plenty of salt. The Halloumi was my favourite, coated in sweet chili and lightly fried.

Chicken of Aragon

Dave ordered the Chicken of Aragon withMashSmoky Baked Beans and Pigs on a Stick (The Feast option – Pie, two sides and a stick – £10). This was filled with chicken, bacon and tarragon. The pastry had great crispness, and the filling was plentiful and flavourful. The beans had plenty of paprika smoke, and vanished in short order.


I went for the Matador with Cheesy Mash (Pie and a side Option – £7.50, with £1 upgrade to a Super Side). The Matador is filled with beef steak, chorizo, olives and butter beans. The pastry was light, and not at all soggy, and filled with plenty of rich filling. The cheesy mash was tasty, but I couldn’t detect any cheese, so I’m not sure I’d bother upgrading next time (or of course…it’s possible they gave me the regular Mash instead by mistake?).

The service

As before, everyone we dealt with was very friendly but we felt rushed. On ordering, we were asked if we wanted the small plates as starters or sides. Despite choosing starters, a waiter then arrived when we half way through them to tell us our pies were ready. We had to choose to have them earlier than we wanted, or to wait. I asked to wait, and I’m sure this meant they went under a heat lamp; my gravy had begun to develop a skin on top, which was a shame.

I do like Pieminister, but the rushed service is a pet hate of mine.

We paid in full. They didn’t know I was a blogger. All opinions are honest and my own. 




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