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Life Lately

It’s been accidentally been a bit quieter around here this month. I hadn’t intended to take a break, and I believe it’s traditional to come back from a quiet period and talk about how I’ve had a restful break from the internet, detoxed a bit and come back ready and raring to go. But in all honesty, I’ve just had a not-blog-based month.

Life Lately

We moved house, which obviously took a lot of time and energy, and now that we’re in the new place, I’ve been really enjoying just relaxing in my new home and getting settled. I’m so happy with it now we’re unpacked and it’s been lovely to just enjoy the space.

There’s been cinema visits, watching Bake Off with my friend’s cat, deliveries from Fentiman’s, and a hell of a lot of playing the new Assassin’s Creed. I had a house-warming party, spent a week in agony with Sciatica, and spent some time plotting Halloween costumes. It’s been a fun month (apart from  the Sciatica), but it’s not exactly been blog worthy, or Instagram worthy. I’ve still been talking bollocks on Twitter, stalking everyone’s Instagram stories and reading all the blogs I usually do. I’ve just been away from my own.

Most people seem to find the break restful, but I’ve actually really missed it, and I’ve found I’m more tired from doing less. Being busy suits me, apparently. October is still quiet for me in terms of plans, but November is already looking fuller, so expect a return to rambling about things I’ve eaten very soon. And probably several million Halloween party snaps on Instagram.

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