Lewis’s, Birmingham

Despite knowing that all things cool are born in Moseley, I live the wrong end of Birmingham for it, and actually rarely visit it’s many excellent eateries. However, the other week, after our final venue viewing for our wedding (naturally we’ve chosen the place we saw first), we found ourselves at a loose end in Moseley and in search of brunch. A quick plea for suggestions on the trusty Brum Bloggers Facebook group later, we were settled in Lewis’s.

Lewis's Moseley

the venue

Lewis’s is obviously a very popular spot, and it was full when we arrived. We didn’t have to wait long for a table, but there two or three groups waiting the whole time we were there The space is cosy, and feels like going to eat in a friend’s especially nice kitchen.

Lewis's Bellini

the drinks

I love a excuse to drink alcohol in the morning, and what better excuse than brunch and choosing a wedding venue? I had the Lewis’s Bellini (£6.95) which is prosecco with Chambord and passion fruit puree. It was great brunch fizz, sweet and fruity.

Moseley Deli

I also ordered a Latte (£2.50) which was excellent. They clearly use good coffee here. Dave had a Hot Chocolate (£2.55), which was piled high with cream and marshmallows.

French Toast

In a shock twist, my order involved neither avocado nor poached eggs. Instead, I chose French Toast (£7), which is topped with caramelised bananas and maple yogurt cream. The bananas had an almost crisp shell of sugar, and were beautifully soft. The toast was fluffy and soaked in syrup, and I didn’t miss my usual brunch staples.

Eggs Benedict

Dave went for Eggs Benedict (£7.50) with extra sausage (£1). The bacon and sausages were excellent quality, the eggs oozed beatifully and the Hollandaise was creamy. In a word, perfection.

the service

We had worried we wouldn’t manage to get a table, but a friendly waitress helped us grab a spot. The food came out quickly, but without making us feel rushed.

the verdict

Why have I never been here before? Delicious food, good coffee and nice surroundings. I’ll be heading back Moseley way.

We paid in full, and they didn’t know I was a blogger. Prices correct at the time of writing. All words, images and opinions are my own. 


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