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Laghi’s Deli, Edgbaston

Charcuterie Board

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Five Ways roundabout is probably not where you’d expect to find an authentic Italian deli and restaurant (complete with Nonna roaming the place feeding snacks to any passing baby), but trust me, there is one. Laghi’s Deli is run by an Italian family, bringing some amazing tastes of their home to Birmingham. You can stop by the deli to cheese, freshly baked bread or the donut the size of your head. Pull up a stool at the bar, or a beanbag outside for a glass of wine or a traditional Aperitivo. Or of course, you can eat in the 40 cover restaurant for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Charcuterie Board

to start

I can never resist a charcuterie board and having already got a glimpse of the array of meats and cheeses on the deli, I settled on suggesting to Dave that we split the Tagliere Misto (£16.99 to share, £8.50 for one). The board comes with piles of cheese, meats, bread and olives. I about fell out of my seat when it arrived; if you’re going to order this make you’re hungry because this thing is enormous. It is so enormous it covered most of the table and the couple sat across from us had to crane over to get a better look.

I’d have liked slightly less meat and slightly more cheese, as the ratio was a touch unbalanced, but everything was delicious. The bread was so fresh, and the meats were incredible. I love deli meats, but this just showed what rubbish you can normally get over here. The flavours were so rich and intense. I’d happily share this board between two as a light lunch, or as snacking alongside a spritz in the early evening.

Pasta Al Salmone

Main courses

I’d spent my day daydreaming about pasta, so settled pretty quickly on ordering the Pasta Al Salmone (£14.99), with is cooked with salmon in a cream, vodka and parsley sauce. This was ideal comfort food, with slightly al dente pasta, big flakes of salmon and a creamy, comforting sauce. The sauce was rich and luxurious, pairing well with the flavoursome salmon. The portion size was pretty hefty too and I couldn’t finish it after the giant starter.

Rustic Pizza

Dave ordered a Rustic Pizza (£10) and opted to have the crust stuffed with Ricotta cheese (£2). The pizza was topped with mozzarella, tomato sauce, sausage, peppers and onion. The base was that perfect speckled crispness, with generously piled toppings. The sausage meat was high quality, and again, Dave couldn’t finish it. He took the extra home in a takeaway bag, so do ask if you can’t manage the whole pizza.

The menu changes regularly, and there is a truly mind-boggling array of pizzas on offer, as well as a solid list of pastas, seafood and revolving specials. Everything is made on site, which always pleases me.

My only negative was that I think they need to space their tables out differently. We were sat just by the door, and when the table behind me was filled, I found I was sat directly in the path to the kitchen and the toilets. I was banged into repeatedly by other diners and staff alike, and what started as a mild annoyance became incredibly irritating and I began to worry I was going to end up choking myself with my own fork after a couple of particularly violent knocks forward. Despite tucking into the table as far as I could, it kept happening, which was the only downside to a very enjoyable evening.

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