Jump in with George

How to wear a jumper dress

That title sounds like a slightly dodgy come on, doesn’t it? It’s not a weird invitation, I promise, I just’s that the lovely people at George at Asda sent me this jumper dress to style up.

Now, I love a jumper dress for at home lounging, but I find them hard to ‘style’. I’m a girl with curves and anything cut straight, as jumper dresses so often are, does me no favours at all. Challenged with my nemesis of dresses I took a while to choose, eventually selecting this little black number. I chose it because it looked simple. I intended to fall back on my usual ‘not cut for curves’ solution and belt it.

But when the dress arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. It is pretty straight cut, but in a strangely flattering way. It skims curves rather than hides them. I was really pleased with the detail too – the sleeves are a different knit and the pockets on the front are trimmed with faux leather. Great details that totally disguise the fact this dress is from a supermarket fashion brand. Nice work, George (the brand, not me…)

In my head, George is where my school dresses used to come from in the Summer, but they have seriously upped their game. This little box clutch is pure high street, and the boots? I might be in love.

Disclosure: This outfit was sent to me by George at Asda, but all opinions are totally honest and my own.