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JQ Adventures with MyBull

Korean Glazed Fried Chicken

With so many fabulous bars, restaurants and things to do around Birmingham, enjoying yourself can soon become a very expensive habit. To save yourself some cash, you can sign up for one of Birmingham’s excellent discount schemes to score deals around the city. Last week, MyBull sent  Chloe of Gastronomic Gorman and I off on adventure around the Jewellery Quarter, to see what deals we could score with our new MyBull keyrings.



The MyBull scheme was set up by the brains behind Birmingham Updates. For £18 for one, or £30 for two, you get a fancy bull keyring that gets you exclusive deals and discounts, and access to special events, for one year. Deals include everything from 15% at Buffalo and Rye, to 20% off rooms at Malmaison. Unlike most of these schemes, MyBull covers both chains and independents.

Rose Villa Tavern

Rose villa tavern

Our first stop was the Rose Villa Tavern. We knew we were going to order lots of chicken, but also couldn’t resist the Super Fries Me deal. Available to all customers, on a Thursday you can upgrade your regular topped fries to a large for no extra charge. Bargain.

Korean Glazed Fried Chicken

We shared a portion of Korean Glazed Chicken Thighs (£9 for 5, £17 for 10). The chicken was so moist it was almost difficult to pick up, as it fell apart to the touch. The skin was crispy and soaked in the Korean glaze, which was salty with soy sauce, and with kick from the ginger, spring onions and red chilli. We really didn’t need to order 10, as we struggled to finish the giant portion, but the chicken was truly delicious.

Buffalo Fries

Chilli Cheese Fries

I ordered a large Buffalo Fries (£4.50 with Super Fries Me deal, usually £6.50). The fries were crisp, with generous slatherings of hot sauce and blue cheese dressing. I’d have liked a stronger blue cheese, but these were good. Chloe’s Chilli Cheese Fries (£5.50 with Super Fries Me deal, usually £6.50) looked equally tasty, with piles of toppings.

MyBull deal: Kilo of chicken wings for £12.50

Escape Live

Escape live

Full of chicken, it was time for our next stop. We headed to Escape Live to take on an escape room. After the total failure of my attempt at a locked room game at Escape Hunt earlier in the year, I was excited but not optimistic about our chances of escaping.

Our Games Master, Olivia, gave us the run down of our game. We took on Time Machine (from £16 per person). Jamie from Escape Live has successfully invented a time travel device. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and he’s now lost in time somewhere. With 60 minutes on the clock, it’s up to you to find Jamie, and get him out, without getting lost in time yourself.

The game was brilliant fun; challenging, without being ridiculously hard. We moved through several different time periods, and eventually made it out with a little over two and half a minutes to spare.

MyBull deal: 20% off when you book online

40 St Paul's

40 St Paul’s

Finally, we were in need of a drink to recover from all that time travel, so it was off to 40 St Paul’s. The bar is an intimate space, with just 24 seats, but with 140 gins on offer. You can also grab yourself a Ginspotters card, which has a list of 60 gins to sample and tick off. Your card lives behind the bar, and you tick off each gin as you try it. As you work through the list, different numbers come with prizes, including badges and t-shirts. On completion, you go on the wall of fame behind the bar.

Rhubarb and Custard

I had the Rhubarb and Custard (£8) which you can have as a normal cocktail or a slush. I went for the slush, having enjoyed them at the Independent Birmingham Festival. The version in the bar is even better. There’s a healthy slosh of lemon in there, which pairs with Slingsby Rhubarb Gin and a Rhubarb Cordial to make a very sharp, refreshing drink.

MyBull deal: 10% off total bill and 20% off events


We had a brilliant evening, and I think picking up a #MyBull keyring is definitely worth it, for some very generous offers around the city.

Disclosure: Our MyBull keyrings, food, drink and escape game were complementary. I was Chloe’s plus one, so not required to write anything at all. All words, images and opinions are my own. Prices and offers correct at time of writing. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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