Some rather exciting emails have been dropping into my inbox lately, the most recent being a invitation from Joules. Tomorrow, Joules are opening a brand new flagship store in Bath, and tonight, the fashionable set in Bath, including those deemed by Joules to be VIBs (Very Important Bloggers), were invited along to check out the new store before its official opening.

Joules wasn’t a brand I was familiar with, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The new store is beautiful, and an absolute TARDIS. The small store front suddenly opens out into a big, bright shopping space. The store was pretty packed, so I didn’t manage to take many photos there, but I have got some pictures of the swag I carried away to share.

Joules bags

We all got a goody bag on the way out. The bags are so pretty; I’ll be saving mine to store something away in. They’re too cute to go out in the recycling. In my goody bag, as well as some vouchers, I had a little chocolate hare and a very pretty journal. I’m mad for stationery, so as you can imagine, I was pretty pleased with my goodies.

Chocolate HareJolly Journal

Tonight, Joules were offering 25% off everything (the discount is running in store until the 6th May, those of you in/near Bath), but I really struggled to choose what I wanted. The current collection is themed around ‘British Summertime’, which really shows in the bright colours and classic florals. I swung back and forth between buying a fox print scarf, an umbrella printed with Mallard ducks, polka dot pumps and flip-flops printed with a beach scene. I was very hard on myself, ignoring all the beautiful clothes out of my budget, and restricted myself to one thing. I eventually chose these:

Polka Dot PumpPolka Dot Pumps

You all know I’m crazy for polka dots, so I guess the likelihood of my leaving without these little canvas pumps was pretty small. They’re simple, classic, and so cute, and they’ll be perfect now the weather is finally improving. I love the little twist of the soles being different colours!

The event was brilliant, with trays of Champagne and canapes everywhere you turned, and a few local offerings from Dawkin’s Ales and The Bath Sausage Shop. There was also live music from Murray Hockridge, who played beautifully. I lingered around for ages, soaking up all the bright cheeriness of the shop, listening to the music and sipping Champagne. Not a bad Spring evening at all.

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