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Is Warwick Castle Worth Visiting Without Kids?

Is Warwick Castle worth visiting without kids?

Days out in the UK can be a challenge if you’re don’t have children. A lot of tourist attractions are heavily aimed at families, and it can be tough to work out if there will be enough for adults to do. Last summer I tried a child-free trip to West Midland Safari Park. A few weeks ago, my husband and I took a trip to find out if Warwick Castle is worth visiting without kids.

Is Warwick Castle Worth Visiting Without Kids

When Is The Best Time To Visit Warwick Castle Without Kids?

Warwick Castle is very popular with families, so if you can, visit on a weekday. Get there early, especially if you’re visiting on a weekend or during the school holidays. It does get busy. Get there early so you can have at least a couple of hours without falling over someone’s kids.


Whatever do you do, don’t go on the day expecting to buy tickets at the door. You can do this, but it’s a lot more expensive. Book in advance online instead, and you’ll be able to get it much cheaper. There’s often deals around as well to get tickets for even less, such as the Kellogs Adults Go Free vouchers (without kids, these vouchers get you free entry for an adult with every adult ticket you buy). Have a Google before you book. There’s often a list of deals on Money Saving Expert.


There are lots of attractions at Warwick Castle, but not all of them are aimed at adults. Obviously, you can skip Zog and The Quest For The Golden Star (and be glad this will keep a lot of the kids out of the way). Personally, I wouldn’t bother with the Horrible Histories Maze either, although the nostalgia factor might be fun if you were a fan of the books as a kid.

The other attractions are much, much better to visit without kids though, as you can walk through at your own pace, look at everything, read all the information, and enjoy it undisturbed by bored kids.

Warwick Castle Great Hall
Warwick Castle State Rooms

The Kingmaker takes you through the preparations for the battle of Barnet, following Richard Neville before his last battle. The Great Hall and the State Rooms are filled with portraits, armour, and beautiful furniture to see, as you learn more about the castle’s history. My favourite of the attractions is the Royal Weekend Party. This attraction is set in 1898, at a house party hosted by Daisy Greville, the Countess of Warwick. Daisy is an interesting woman, known for her lavish parties and scandalous friends. The attraction is loaded with period details and waxworks of famous figures of the time, including a young Winston Churchill.

Live Entertainment

Warwick Castle has a lot of live entertainment. On peak days, there are often impromptu bits of entertainment that spring up, like knights duelling or running around the grounds. There’s a bowman positioned just outside the castle walls too. You’ll find him there all day. If you’re interested in history, particularly the history of warfare, he’s an interesting man to chat to. On the say we saw him, he had a range of different bows from different time periods (mostly medieval) and was demonstrating different shooting styles from different army’s archers.

Wars of the Roses LIVE wasn’t back when we visited, but it is now back on until early September. The show features stunt riders, jousting, and special effects. Definitely one that adults will enjoy, not just kids! The Castle Dungeon is another good option for adults. This experience takes you through the grisliest history of Warwick Castle, with scares aplenty. This is one aimed at adults. Children under ten aren’t allowed in at all, and under-18s must be accompanied by an adult. However, you do have to pay extra to go through this attraction.

Falconer's Quest

The highlight of the live entertainment, I think, is The Falconer’s Quest. This birds of prey show is the biggest in the UK and possibly the best I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot!). The show tells the story of a wannabe master falconer, searching for birds to bring to Warwick Castle. The birds you will see will vary, depending on who’s willing to fly, but often includes owls, eagles, falcons, and more. The birds are flown directly over the audience, so you can get really close to these beautiful birds. Don’t assume this show is for kids. It’s spectacular, and there’s lots of interesting information about the birds tucked into the story.

Warwick Castle

Other Attractions

The grounds at Warwick Castle are beautiful. If you fancy a walk, you can explore the formal gardens, roam the island, and climb the mound where the original part of the castle stood.

You can also walk the castle walls for some amazing views of Warwick. They are a lot of steps up the main tower though, and the staircases are narrow, dark, and steep. The route is one way, even in non-pandemic times, so be sure you can handle it before you start!

Warwick Castle


I was pleasantly surprised by the range of food on offer around Warwick Castle. Tourist attraction food is usually pretty much the same everywhere, and it’s often not great. There are two indoor options at the Castle. The Undercroft Cafe covers your classic tourist attraction food, whereas the Conservatory Tea House is a bit more grown-up. You can get a cream tea or an afternoon tea here if you don’t fancy sandwiches from the cafe. There are more options outside, including fish and chips, waffles, and stone-baked pizzas. If you’re bringing in a picnic, I’d advise not packing alcohol. From my searches, information about whether you can bring in alcohol (or even buy it on the premises) is conflicting. Best to be safe.

If you need a break from the hoards of children, head back out of the main entrance, and look for a small gate in the wall. This takes you into Warwick itself, where there are plenty of places to eat (and buy alcohol).

Warwick Castle

Is Warwick Castle Worth Visiting Without Kids?

In my opinion, yes. If anything, it’s a better experience without kids in tow, as you can look at the exhibits at your own pace. There’s more enough to interest adults, and if you can find vouchers, it’s an affordable day trip.

Want to know more? Watch my Warwick Castle vlog!

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Is Warwick Castle worth visiting without kids?

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