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Is Legoland Windsor Worth Visiting Without Kids?

Is Legoland Windsor Worth Visiting Without Kids

Once again, I’m visiting the kind of attractions people usually take their kids to. Like West Midland Safari Park and Warwick Castle before, this time I’m investing whether or not Legoland Windsor is worth visiting without kids.

Dave is a huge Lego nerd and had been making some noises about wanting to check out Legoland Windsor, mostly to see Mini Land. We’ve both been as children, but haven’t visited in years. When we found a two-for-one deal for tickets, we decided we wanted to go.


When Is The Best Time To Visit Legoland Windsor Without Kids?

You know the drill by now. If you can, choose a weekday, or at least visit during term-time to avoid the worst of the kiddie crowds. As usual, I’m going to advise you to get there early. Legoland opens at 10 am, but they actually open the gates at 9.30 am. Aim for that, and you can get through ticketing and security really quickly. Go past the shop, turn left, and head down the hill (the one with all the slides) down into the main park. Some of the different lands don’t open until the main park opens, but if you get as far as you can into the back of the park, you’ll be ready to leap onto the most popular rides as soon as they open and avoid the queues. To give you a good example, we walked straight on Ninjago, which had queues of over an hour for most of the rest of the day.

Legoland Windsor

Rides and Attractions

There’s no getting around the fact that Legoland is mostly aimed at younger children. If you go expecting lots of thrill rides like your average theme park, you are going to be disappointed. However, if you enjoy a gentler ride, and you’re a Lego fan, a lot of the rides are actually a lot of fun, for the Lego theming if nothing else.

Some of the rides have a maximum height restriction, so double check before you get in a queue. You can completely skip DUPLO Valley, which is all for little kids unless you want to ride the Fairy Tale Brook, which is a gentle boat ride through fairytale scenes.

Deep Sea Adventure

Lego City also has a lot of rides that you either can’t or won’t want to ride as an adult, but there are some good ones here too. Lego City Deep Sea Adventure is a very cool aquarium experience, where you float gently through the aquarium in a submarine, looking at real fish and Lego scenes. Haunted House Monster Party looks deceptively kiddy from the outside, but is actually identical technology to the haunted houses at Alton Towers and Drayton Manor. Obviously, the theming is a lot less spooky, but the ride is still a lot of fun.

Heartlake City is all themed around Lego Friends, and at first glance, looks like a little girl’s dream, in pastel shades. Don’t overlook it, as there are some good food options here and some surprising rides. Mia’s Horse Riding Adventure is deceptive, with sugary colours and horse-shaped ride vehicles, but is actually a spinning disc-style flat ride that is surprisingly intense! You can catch the Legoland Express here for a tour of the park, cool Lego scenes, and some truly dreadful Dad jokes from the driver (some of which we definitely recognised from Jungle Cruise!). The Harbour Arena is also in this land, which is where you can catch the Pirate show. It wasn’t on during our visit, but I hear it’s well worth a watch for adults too, with some great stunts.

In Kingdom of the Pharaohs, you can ride Laser Raiders, a classic laser shooting ride. In Pirate Shores, you’ve got a classic swing boat ride, and the log flume, Pirate Falls. Pirate Falls is well-worth a ride. The ride through the pirates’ story is a lot of fun, and it’s a surprisingly big drop.

Knight’s Kingdom doesn’t have much to offer adults, although we were both pleasantly surprised by the Dragon rollercoaster. It’s definitely a small, family ‘coaster, but it’s fast enough to give you some of that rollercoaster thrill. In Ninjago World, you’ll find Ninjago The Ride. This is a shooting game ride, but with a twist. Instead of using a gun, you wave your arms to shoot energy at targets. A sensor in the car picks up your movement. Essentially, it’s the same thing they’ve just put in at Disneyland and Disney World for the new Web Slingers ride!


Land of the Vikings has river rapids and a spider-themed ‘teacups’ style ride. There’s also the brand new land, Mythica. Mythica has some of the best adult options, I think. The whole area is interesting to walk around, and there are interactive elements that you can play with using the Legoland app. Flight of the Sky Lion is a ‘flying theatre’ experience, and Hydra’s Challenge is a good all-ages water ride.

Whether the rides are worth it or not will depend on what you want. We rode a lot of rides and had a lot of fun, but already knew there was nothing really ‘big’ to go on. If you know what to expect, you can still have a fun time on some more chilled out rides.

Legoland Miniland


For us, Miniland was the main attraction. If you’re a Lego fan, it really is impressive. The whole area recreates some of the most famous landmarks in the world, including Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower, and the Golden Gate Bridge, all out of Lego. The different lands are filled with cool little details, including an almost hidden Underground station, moving trains, boats, and cars, and music playing from different areas.

This is an attraction I think is actually better for adults. As a kid, I remember enjoying Miniland, but now that as an adult, I have more context for where all the different places are and I can appreciate the skill and the craftsmanship a lot more.

It is worth noting that Miniland, like Legoland itself, is 25 years old now, so parts of it are starting to look tired. A lot of the moving elements, like some of the trains and vehicles, weren’t running. This was particularly noticeable with the boats. Some of them aren’t running at all, some have party detached from their rails, so they’re driving around half-submerged, and most of them are looking pretty green!

That said, Legoland is obviously well aware that Miniland needs some TLC. There’s a LOT of work going on to refurb the existing exhibits and to put in some new ones. There are already some new exhibits in place, including a really cool one of the Kennedy Space Centre. I’ll be really interested to go back and see Miniland when all the work is finished!

Legoland Windsor

Is Legoland Windsor Worth Visiting Without Kids?

Yes and no. We used vouchers to get two for one tickets, but if we had paid full price, I don’t think we’d have felt it was worth it. It’s also not worth it if you really want thrill rides, or if you’re not that bothered about Lego. However, if you like the idea of a more relaxed theme park day, are a Lego fan, and can get some kind of deal for cheaper tickets, then I think it’s a fun day out, even without kids.

Want to see more? Check my vlog from the day!

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Is Legoland Windsor Worth Visiting Without Kids?

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