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Indian Brewery

The best thing about being friends with food bloggers is having regular dates to eat too much, discuss food and generally make pigs of ourselves. A few weeks back, myself, Bite Your BrumMiss Pond and Hey It’s Fay met up for a feast at Indian Brewery.

Indian Brewery

The Venue

Indian Brewery is tucked away into old railway arches, under Snow Hill station. Inside, it’s all exposed bricks and neon lighting, with old Bollywood posters and brightly coloured tables. There’s lots of seating, but it does get busy, so I suggest arriving a little early if you want a seat to eat.

Rhubarb Cider

The Drinks

Indian Brewery, is, you’ll be shocked to learn, is also a brewery. They have a large range of craft beers on offer, both from their own brewery, and guest brewers. There’s also a wide range of ciders, spirits, teas and soft drinks. I had a Rhubarb Cider (£4), which was just summer in a glass. Fruity, sweet but with a nice sharp tang. Delicious. I also tried a half a Damson Cider which was tasty, but a bit sweet for me.

Indian Brewery menu

The food

Naturally, we ordered a pile of food. Fay wasn’t feeling top notch, so she settled down with a Masala Chai tea, and some Pakora Pops, while the other three of us deliberated over the menu. I need to go back and try more, as it all sounded delicious.

Mixed Grill

The Mixed Grill (£18) is a pile of meat, of all kinds. Chicken, lamb chops, cod pieces and more. There are some real gems in the grill, with standouts including the gentle spice hit of the Green Tikka chicken. A lot of the platter, we felt, lacked heat and we’d all have liked a little more spice.

Pakora Pops

Pakora Chaat

The Pakora Pops (£4.50) are a bowl of tasty fried deliciousness. They’re light, and not greasy. Even better though is the Pakora Chaat (£5.50), which is the same Pops, but covered with greek yogurt, chutney, pomegranate and Bombay sprinkle. This is a messy, moreish dish, and I think, my favourite of the meal.

Vada Pav

The Vada Pav (£5.50) is a sort of burger, with spiced mashed potato, smushed between layers of red and green chutney in a buttermilk bun. The filling was tasty, and packed a spicy bunch, but was too much carb in one go for me, making it a touch stodgy, even shared.

Masala Fries

With Emma at the table, you have to order fries of some kind, so the Loaded Masala Fries (£3.50) were a no-brainer. Imagine a spicy cheesey chips dish, and you’re there. These would make an excellent snack alongside one of the many. many craft beers.

I can’t think why I waited so long to check out Indian Brewery, and I’ll definitely be back to chomp through the rest of the menu.

We paid in full, and didn’t disclose that we’re bloggers. All words, images and opinions are my own. 

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