I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me

Breton stripe top

After reading Amber’s hilarious post about letting her husband pick out an outfit for her, I knew I had to give the experiment a go myself. I sent the link to David, who also laughed a lot, and then informed him I wanted to get him to choose an outfit for me. Luckily, he was up for it and we sorted out some ground rules. David would spend a weekend dressing me, but was not allowed to select cosplay, make me look silly on purpose, or choose something not right for the weather.

The first outfit was for going to lunch and then wandering around town.

“Where’s your Breton top? Let’s have the blogger staple.” says David. I was quite impressed he knew what a Breton stripe is, and that it is part of the blogger uniform. So far so good.
“Which one? I’ve got a few…” I said. I own two actually, but several with thicker stripes and I wasn’t sure the exact difference would have been realised. Brow furrowed, David began a search for the top he meant.

Boyfriend picked my outfit

Breton stripe top from Toast (similar here), black skinny jeans from Primark, over the knee boots c/o George at Asda, bracelet from Accessorize (old).

It turned out he wanted the stripey top because he was going to wear a shirt with similar stripes on the collar.
“So we’ll be coordinated!” Of course. Top he wanted found, he decided on black skinny jeans and my over-the-knee boots to go with it. His goal, he informs me, was ‘understated’. I’m usually all for the bright colours and patterns, so understated is not an obvious look for me, but David himself favours a more low-key look so I wasn’t surprised. I asked him if he wanted jewellery and got a worried face in response.
“I don’t know anything about jewellery,” he protested. I assured him there wasn’t really anything to know and a blue and white striped rope bracelet was selected because it went with the top. And we were done!

My verdict? I liked it. I felt classy, and love the boots over jeans, which I haven’t done yet myself. David was pleased too, and said he felt I looked good, but not flashy.

Red Jumper

The second look was very different to day one. A lot more me, perhaps, but a bit different for David! He was pretty quick in selecting this one too. A full-skirt came first, rapidly followed by the red jumper, because it was Christmassy. I stepped in at this point to suggest a belt, I couldn’t help myself. Is that a rule break? He chose the belt himself though!

Christmas Outfit

Red jumper from Tu at Sainsburys (similar here), stretch waist belt from New Look (similar), skirt from ASOS (similar), boots from ASOS, bag from Next (similar).

Flat, slouchy boots came next and I was declared finished. I did feel super festive in this, and for a day shopping, it was perfect. I was comfy and cosy all day. Definitely a much more ‘me’ look, I think. Next time, I wouldn’t wear the slouchy boots with this skirt, as they refused to stay up and don’t look as nice slouched, but I was glad to be in flats for a day of walking around. When quizzed David informed me the point was that this outfit was more me. Excellent job on that one!

The experiment was kinda fun, and was actually just as quick as choosing for myself in the morning. David says it was a lot trickier than he expected, but he enjoyed. I think there were a lot more choices involved than he’d anticipated, and he did give more than one bunny in headlights looked when I asked questions about shoes and jewellery. Bless him. How do you think he did?