How to Propose at Disney

Looking for ideas for how to propose at disney, and wondering what happens after a disney engagement? Look no further.

This weekend was the one year anniversary of me and my fiance getting engaged at Disney World. In the year since, we’ve both had a lot of questions on how to propose at Disney and what to expect from a Disney engagement.

How to Propose at Disney

How to propose at Disney: get the ring in

You might have found the perfect ring, but you’ve still got to get the ring into the park without your partner noticing a suspicious box. Now, you could just hope for the best and pop it into your bag. Your bag will be searched as you go into the park, so if you can, try and alert the cast member searching yours so they don’t whisk the ring out and ruin it all. If you can’t, remember that Disney’s team are well used to people getting engaged in the parks, and aren’t likely to disturb anything in a ring box. If you’re nervous, try and get in a different queue.

Dave was sneaky, and opted to risk not taking a bag at all, and put the box in a pocket. This meant he could ditch me while I queued to have my handbag checked, and he could go through in the much faster ‘no bags’ queue instead, out of my sight!

how to propose at disney: Choose your location

There are dozens of popular proposal locations across all of Disney’s parks. We got engaged on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, with the castle in the distance. Think carefully though before picking the obvious ‘in front of the castle’ spot. Unless you’re there very early, this isn’t going to be a private moment. We were surprisingly largely unnoticed, but we did others popping the question with quite an audience. I’ll admit, the blogger in me really hates how many people are milling about in my pictures and I especially hate that bloody rucksack in the middle of the shot…if your partner is as fussy as me, go early!

If you want a more private moment, perhaps do the asking elsewhere. If you’re at Disney World, parts of Epcot are reasonably private, and still very romantic, or in in the Magic Kingdom, you could try Cinderella’s Rose Garden, which is quieter, but still has castle views. You could pick one of the restaurants if you’re looking for something more classic.

how to propose at disney: Be prepared to be flexible

Make sure you’ve checked there won’t be any surprises in your planned spot, like a parade or character meet suddenly arriving. Disney is unpredictable though, so be prepared to wait until later, or switch locations. Another park guest might linger in your spot, your beloved might insist they’re starving and must eat NOW, or if you’re in Florida, a sudden rainstorm might put a literal dampener on your plans.

how to propose at disney: Think about the outfits

This is a know your partner sort of tip, but we were asked a surprising amount whether Dave had dressed up smart for the moment. He didn’t, and I’d definitely have suspected something if he had, but some people might care a lot more about how the moment ‘looks’. Personally, I think it’s hilarious that I’m wearing Minnie Mouse ears in our pictures, but some people really wouldn’t. If your partner is like this, perhaps tell a small fib and pretend you’ve made (or actually make) reservations for one of the smarter restaurants in the park, so they’ll put nice clothes on without suspecting anything.

how to propose at disney: get the picture

If you don’t have a convenient family member or friend to snap the big moment, don’t worry. There are Disney photographers all over the park and they’re well used to snapping these moments. If you have the Memory Maker pack, you can have unlimited Disney PhotoPass shots. What a lot of people don’t realise though, is that if you ask nicely, these photographers will take photos using your camera too.

If you can, give your photographer the heads up about your plan. Dave managed to do this by dawdling as I walked into position. This meant our ‘tog called us back, suggesting we could leave our stuff with her and get a better shot. Not suspicious at all, and meant I got engaged without clutching a half empty water bottle and a carrier bag full of swag from the shops on Main Street. She then very kindly snapped some extra shots of us, and told us that any photographer would take some engagement portraits for us too. I suggest you take advantage of this straight away. I wanted to do this later and ended up dropping most of a Mickey ice cream over myself before we could…

how to propose at disney: bag the swag

There are badges to commemorate everything at Disney. Pop to guest services, Town Hall or any of the shops, and they can give you a badge to mark your newly engaged status. You should get a Just Engaged badge, but like us, you may get a Happily Ever After badge if they’ve run out. The badges mean cast members congratulate you all day, which is lovely, and I’ve heard rumours of freebies. We didn’t score any though, so don’t bank on it.

Let me know if you have any other questions (and I can put them to Dave too) about how to propose at Disney. A Disney engagement is definitely a magical thing, and you’ll get a great story to tell forever.

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