How To Keep Helping Businesses After Eat Out To Help Out Ends

Eat Out To Help Out

The Eat Out To Help Out scheme is currently set to end on the 31st of August, but the hospitality industry still needs our help. There are lots of ways you can keep helping businesses after Eat Out To Help Out ends.

Keep Showing Up

If you can afford it, keep showing up, even if you aren’t getting a discount anymore. Visit your favourite coffee shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants, order takeaway, or order to collect and enjoy elsewhere. Remember that independents and small businesses will need the support most of all, so where possible, spend your money with local independents.

While you’re there, please remember to be friendly to the staff and to leave a generous tip. And for the love of God, if you’ve booked a table and can’t make it for any reason, just call and cancel. Restaurants are having a big problem with no-shows, and doing that is a dick move, okay?

Share On Social Media

Lots of us look for ideas of where to eat or drink on social media. If you’ve had a banging margarita somewhere, eaten the best brunch ever, or enjoyed a delicious coffee, think like a food blogger, snap a picture and share it on your socials. Tag the place, and use the location too, so it’s easy for other people to find the venue and enjoy the same thing.

If your food photography game isn’t up to scratch, you can grab yourself the Foodie Bag (ad – gifted item), which includes everything you’ll need to take a quality snap, including a 5 in 1 pop-up reflector, a set of photography tips, and four photography backgrounds.

Interact With Their Social Media

Follow your favourite places on Twitter and Instagram. If you see posts from them about deals, new menu items, or anything else that catches your eye, interact with the post. Like it, comment on it, retweet it, share it. All of these things help to get their posts in front of more people, meaning more potential customers for them. Interaction like this is an excellent way of helping that doesn’t cost you any money at all.

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