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How To Get Into The Hottest Hidden Bar In Birmingham

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There’s nothing cooler than being in on a secret, and knowing how to get into the hottest hidden bar in Birmingham is one of the best secrets to be in on.

Shibuya Underground is by the wizards behind Pineapple Club and offers a unique cocktail experience. Rather than ordering one or two drinks from the menu, you choose from two tasting menus, both priced at £40. One menu is made up of sake, and the other is made up of Japanese-inspired cocktails.

How To Get Into Birmingham's Hottest Hidden Bar

How To Get Into Birmingham’s Coolest Hidden Bar

I’m not going to give away all the secrets (or even tell you where the bar is). To get in, you need to email and follow the instructions here. You can book for 1 to 6 people on a Saturday, or hire the whole space for larger groups. Each booking last two hours, and you’ll be guided through your tasting menu of choice. I’d recommend going in even numbers, so you can order a mix of both menus and get to try both the cocktails and the sake.

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The Experience

Once you’ve booked, you’ll be given instructions on how to reach the bar. Be warned, it’s down steep stairs, so make sure everyone in your party is able to manage these (don’t worry, the drinks are also crafted with this in mind, so you won’t be crawling out on hands and knees afterward!).

The bar is a small, intimate space, decorated with neon lights. It’s cosy but cool. Wherever you sit, you’re near the bar, in the perfect position to be guided through your menu of choice.

Sake bar Birmingham

Both menus are made up of six drinks. The sake menu is designed to showcase the diversity of sake. Chances are, you’ve drunk sake before in Japanese restaurants, and thought of it as a spirit. In fact, in Japan, sake is treated more like wine, and there are many more flavours and styles out there than you might think. The sake menu is an amazing opportunity to learn about an often misunderstood and overlooked drink, in the hands of a real expert.

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The cocktail menu is equally interesting and delicious. Each cocktail is designed to show off a specific ingredient or is connected to a part of Japanese culture. Whichever menu you choose, you’re going to be treated to six delicious drinks and will learn a lot about sake, cocktails, and Japan.

You can see the two menus here. Both are completely vegan and gluten-free.

Shibuya Underground is an experience, not just an afternoon drinking. It’s perfect for a unique date night, or an afternoon out with a small group of friends who appreciate top-quality cocktails. Book in pairs, and choose both menus. You won’t regret it.

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