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It’s that time of year where most people start reflecting on the year before and the changes they’d like to make for the one ahead. New Year’s resolutions are made. Work harder, eat healthier, exercise more, drink less, learn a language, spend less, travel more. Birthdays and New Year prompt us into trying to change things or set ourselves targets. And they never seem to turn out quite in the way we expect.

I started 2014 in a very optimistic state of mind. I’d just started a new job, moved in with my then boyfriend, and was living in a new town. I was fairly sure I knew exactly how 2014 was going to go. Wow, was I wrong. What’s that old saying? Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

By the end of 2014, the new job wasn’t so new (but still awesome), the then boyfriend was gone and the new town had been swapped out for a new flat in a new city. 2014 was hard. But it was also kind of amazing. Towards the end of the year, something clicked. The new flat I’d chosen in a panic began to feel like home. People kept telling me how me it is. I fell hard for Birmingham, too, which I didn’t expect. I’ve lived in a few different towns now, but Birmingham is the first one in a while that I’ve considered to be ‘home’.

But most importantly, I started saying yes. It’s easy to wedge yourself into your comfort zone and not do anything new, but it’s not good for your well-being. I am queen of the comfort zone, given half a chance. The bonus of the bottom dropping out of your whole world is that a lot of those things seem less scary. After all, what’s the worst that can happen, when everything you dreaded has already happened? I starting accepting more invitations, and doing things that were scary to me before. I said yes to meeting new people, yes to more cosplay, yes to conventions without the safety net of my friends, yes to one more drink when I should probably be home in bed.

And it’s been great. Thanks to that, I’ve met some bloody fantastic people and had some brilliant adventures. And it got me thinking. Specific goals are restrictive sometimes. I looked again at my 25 before 25 list and realised how few of them mattered to me now. I’ve already changed the list once, but this time I decided to throw it out all together. I don’t need targets to visit certain numbers of places or drink new things or eat certain foods. So the list has gone. I’ll still be trying to read the whole BBC Top 100 list, so that’s staying (no without the time limit of my next birthday), as that goal is still challenging me and making me happy.

I’m not making resolutions this year. Instead, 2015 is going to be the year of MORE. I’m going to keep saying yes, and see where it takes me. I’m excited.

What have you said yes to lately that’s surprised you? What are your goals for 2015? Made any resolutions?

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