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Gaucho, Birmingham


January is a truly hideous time of year, but it’s also a great time to find some excellent deals at restaurants that might usually be out of your price range. The lovely Bite Your Brum has a great list going on her blog of the best deals around the city, and as usual, I’ve been religiously scrolling Book A Table. I swear they don’t pay me, I just love their app.

My fiance is one of those horrendous people who has birthday almost immediately after you’ve spent all your money on Christmas and New Year. I was looking around for a good deal, so I could take him for a fancy birthday dinner, but also still top up the gas meter. Enter Gaucho, who were offering 3 courses and a glass of fizz at £23 a head. Dave is a steak fiend, so I booked it faster than you can say ‘medium rare please’.

I’ve drunk in the bar at Gaucho a few times, but never eaten there, which is frankly criminal. The restaurant is moody and sexy; ideal for date night.

Gaucho, Birmingham

I started with Ecudorian Ceviche, which is shrimp and avocado dressed in a citrus roast pepper and tomato sauce. The shrimp were plump and fresh, with plenty of flavour. The sauce claimed to be spicy on the menu, but the spice was very, very gentle. I prefer Ceviche with more of a tangy kick, but this was light and enjoyable before a red meat feast.

Argentinian Steak House Birmingham

Dave went for the Empanada. You can choose from a few different fillings, but Dave went for the beef. The pastry was buttery and flaky, with plenty of beef filling inside. The beef was tender and flavoursome, with a gentle spice mix. Delicious, and a good portion size for a starter.

Argentinian Steak House Birmingham

Naturally, we both ordered steak for the main event. Our waiter brought out a board with slabs of meat on to show us the various cuts and talk us through the difference.

I went for a rump steak, cooked rare. It was a good sized hunk of deliciousness, perfectly pink in the middle with a flavoursome, seared edge. Dave chose the Sirloin, to medium rare, which also came cooked exactly as ordered, and was tender and tasty.

All the steaks come with a choice of chips or salad, and a sauce of your choice. We both went for chips and found them well seasoned, fluffy and very generous in portion. I’d have liked a slightly stronger blue cheese used in my Blue Cheese Hollandaise, but it was an enjoyable, creamy partner for both steak and dunked chips.

Gaucho Restaurant

For dessert, I went for the Affogato, which is always a favourite of mine. Rich, strong espresso is poured over gorgeously sweet and creamy dulche de leche icecream and chunks of shortbread. I don’t think the shortbread added much, as it quickly went soft after soaking up the coffee, but the flavours were great. For non-dessert eaters like me, this is a great option.


As the one with a sweet tooth, Dave chose Cinnamon Churros which arrived prettily decorated with birthday wishes. A nice touch! The churros were perfect; with crisp outsides, fluffy middles and a generous dusting of cinnamon. The dulce de leche sauce vanished in short order too.

We had a fab evening at Gaucho, although the initial gaps between courses were a touch speedy for my liking. Our waiter was friendly and informative though, which I was pleased about, as I’ve experienced some hit and miss service at their bar before now.

We paid in full with a deal available on Book A Table. Nobody knew I was a blogger. All words, images and opinions are my own.

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