Galaxy Shoes


Excuse the terrible phone picture, but my camera is out of battery and I couldn’t wait to share these. LOOK.

I went into New Look in search of black flats for work, as the soles are falling off my last pair. I found some (I’ll share those in an outfit post soon), but on my way to the till, I spied these bad boys. Galaxy print. Galaxy print trainers. Hello.

I often have a bizarre instinct when it comes to fashion where I am drawn to things that are entirely hideous, convinced they are so god-awful that they’re amazing. Sadly, other people are not drawn to the terrible/awesome like I am. I picked these shoes up and put them back again about eight times, unsure if they were actually brilliant, or vaguely dreadful. I’ve decided they’re brilliant. I wore them over the weekend and caught more than one person staring at my feet.

That’s a win, I think.

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