Friday Round Up

What I’ve been linking, loving and lomogramming this week.
  1. Mr Selfridge, made of jelly beans
  2. Pink skies over the station the other morning
  3. Slightly scary graffiti at work
  4. I quite agree, giant fly. Mmmm, custard, indeed.
This week has vanished in a blink. I started the week pretending to be a regular customer in the cafe in exchange for a free breakfast, so we could take some pictures for the website. Free scrambled egg on toast is a pretty good start to the week, if you ask me.
I’m finally adjusting to the longer work hours, I think. I’m still going to bed pretty early, but I’m feeling much more alive in the mornings than I used to.
But what of my internetting? Well, I had a lot of catching up to day around my usual feminist haunts after all my internet free time. This week, there’s been a lot of talk about women being treated badly online. This essay by Amanda Hess started things off, and was followed by a call from Jezebel not to stop making a fuss about online abuse.
This blog post lays out all the deaths last year where a woman died at the hands of a man.