Francesco Group Bloggers Event

On Thursday night I set off to see my new best friends at the Francesco Group. After my review appointment earlier in the month, I was pretty excited to get an invite to their bloggers event. I wanted to post about it now rather than wait, even though I’ve only recently reviewed them. Promise I’m not a full-time Francesco Group blogger (guys, call me…#fgbloggers).


The event was too showcase their new Embrace collection (seen in the pictures above) and their fabulous skin-tone analysis. A selection of Midlands bloggers were invited down to the Birmingham training academy for an evening of champagne and pampering.

Within about a minute of arriving, I had a glass of champagne in hand and was chatting away with the Francesco Group’s creative team. The very lovely Michelle offered to teach me how to create some movement and curl in my normally straight hair.

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Michelle took me off to the basins, where she talked me through some of the best shampoos and conditioners for my oily hair. The blow-dry was one of the best I’ve ever been given, I mean, just look at how much shiny she got in! (Thanks, Alison James consultants for the pictures above). After a dry, Michelle waved my hair with straighteners, with clear instructions on how I can do the same at home. My hair doesn’t hold much curl, but with Michelle’s tips, I think I can get more than an hour of shape out of my style at last!

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The creative team were all amazingly knowledgeable, and there were lots of great products around, which we were free to help ourselves to if we liked the look of them. Everybody quickly got stuck in, and the team got to work giving people trims, blow-drys and styles from the Embrace collection. Just like the main salon at House of Fraser, the team were all super friendly and chatty, so I’m pretty sure this must be a major requirement to work with the Francesco Group! The PR team had even flown down from Edinburgh for the event. Talk about dedication.

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Resident colour expert, Claire, was on hand for the colour analysis part of the evening. I had my colours done quickly at Birmingham Fashion Week, but Claire was doing much more in depth analysis, so I decided to have it done again. As before, I’m a warm, but this time, with Claire’s help, I could really see why. The warm colours lift my skintone and make my face look more defined and bright. Claire talked me through the best colours for my skin, for clothing, jewellery and hair. Interesting stuff!

This is the first bloggers event the Francesco Group have put on, and I know they did quite a lot of planning first, asking bloggers they’ve worked with in the past what they want from an event. It’s so nice to have an event like this in Birmingham instead of London, and they were so generous, with the free cuts and styling, products up for grabs, and a great gift bag. As well as the usual sample products you’d expect, I also came away with some information about the new collection, a pen, a memory stick, and even a gift card for the salon.

Thanks Francesco Group for a fabulous evening! I might event spend that voucher on the ombre dye suggseted by Claire!