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I’m blogging off my work Macbook tonight (my anti-virus has expired on my laptop, and I’m too broke to replace it just now, so I’ve been bringing my work laptop home), so please excuse any formatting weirdness. Being on a Mac means I am without my precious Windows Live Writer, and I hate writing posts straight into Blogger. Mac users, seriously, what do you blog with?

Anyway, what is that gooey mess above? That is a tray of Slutty Brownies (recipe here) about to go into the oven. A layer of cookie, a layer of Oreos and a layer of brownie. These may be among the best things I’ve ever made.

Since going it alone and moving off to The Dollhouse, as my flat has been affectionately nicknamed, I’ve suddenly got in touch with my foodie side.

I’ve always loved food; I can think of little better than going out for a good meal. Luckily, my friends and family agree. My mum is a big fan of having breakfast out, be it a Wetherspoons monstrosity or a fancy brunch. My top breakfast venues? If you’re in Bath, you can’t go wrong with the Adventure Cafe on George Street.  By night, this place is an excellent bar, but by day, the food is beautiful, especially their breakfasts. Eggs Benedict for me please. Hall and Woodhouse are very good too, although every single time I’ve been there they’ve been out of smoked salmon, which rather lets it down, as it knocks off a good chunk of the breakfast menu.

While we’re on venue recommendations, for lunches, my picks for Bath are Made By Ben and The Whole Bagel. Amaze. If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in Hereford, get yourself to the Number 10 Sandwich Shop.
For evening meals, in Bath, I’ve only tried one or two, but rate The Tramshed pretty highly. In Hereford, it has to be Gilbies or The Thai Gallery.

Before I got side-tracked by restaurants, I was intending to blog about my new found love of cooking. I cooked a fair bit at uni, although always very basic. I started experimenting with some recipes a bit in my final year, perfecting a few fail-safe noodle dishes.
I’m a total carb fiend, so most of my cooking revolved around pasta or noodles.

Since moving though, something has suddenly clicked in. I still eat a load of pasta, but these days I make my own sauce, or wolf it down with my new favourite cajun chicken. My recipe repertoire is rapidly expanding and my collection of recipe books is doing more than looking pretty on top of my fridge. I pin actual recipes on Pinterest, not just pretty cakes. And I’m loving it.
Maybe I’ve accidentally grown-up, but I menu plan a bit now, have a well-stocked cupboard and can think of little better than coming home to my slow cooker simmering away with something tasty for dinner.

I’ve got back into baking after a bit of a hiatus, too, which Tom is certainly appreciative of. You can’t beat home-made treats!

Caramel Latte Kiss began as a personal style blog, but has gradually shifted into the lifestyle bracket. Under that lifestyle bracket, I think I’d like to start incorporating more foodie posts; documenting my exploration into cooking for myself, share recipes and whatever food TV I’m obsessing over (loving right now? Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals on 4oD).

Would you guys be interested in seeing some food posts around here?

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