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Five Places to celebrate National Burger Day in Birmingham

Meat Shack

National Burger Day lands on Thursday 23rd August, bringing with it an excuse to eat enormous burgers and thoroughly enjoy yourself. We’re spoilt for choice in Birmingham for purveyors of burger filth, but here’s some of my favourites, if you’re in need of inspiration.

Meat Shack

Meat shack

With a website that proclaims ‘dripping filthy goodness’, there was no way Meat Shack wasn’t landing on this list. A hunk of beef is hand smashed before being piled high with toppings and crammed into a bun. Expect to get messy, but leave happy and extremely full.

My pick: Buffalo Blue (£9). Anything involving blue cheese is good by me.

Original patty men

OPM is my personal favourite burger spot. Get there early, settle yourself in the railway arch restaurant and order off the specials menu. The real magic can usually be found there.

My pick: Choose the burger special; it’s always amazing. And then get ODB Fries (£3.50) to keep it company.

Scott’s of Harborne

Scott has only recently added burgers to his menu, but trust me, they’re incredible. They’re huge, packed with fresh ingredients and the range is sure to please; with delicious meaty and veggie options.

My pick: Get the SOH Burger (£8). As the man himself described it, “It’s all the best bits off the tapas menu, rammed into a burger.” And it is.

Any deals: Got an IB card? Get 15% off food and hot drinks.

Patty Freaks at DDC

Digbeth Dining Club is always a good pick for burger delights, and on the line-up for National Burger Day itelf is Patty Freaks. Lately, they’ve been slinging insane burgers in rainbow buns, but the line-up is forever changing. Order whatever they tell you.

Any deals: Got an IB card? Get 50p off each dish, at all vendors.

Rose Villa tavern

RVT has a burger menu inspired by American Diner classics. All their burgers come in delicious pretzel buns, joined by fries, and options to make your burger truly enormous.

My pick: Which Cheesy Geezer (£9.50). Choose between beef or chicken, and this burger comes topped with american and blue cheese.

Any deals: Got an IB card? Get 20% off food. Have a MyBull keyring? On National Burger Day, get 2-4-1 on the burger menu.


Where will you be celebrating National Burger Day?

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