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Five of the Best Hangover Breakfasts in Birmingham


Being a food and drink blogger has some occupational hazards. Hangovers is one of the big ones. After a few too many glasses of fizz at an event, or another evening where I accidentally stayed out drinking wine after a review dinner somewhere, I often find myself in need of saviour in the form of breakfast and a vat of coffee. Here’s where you’ll usually find me hiding behind dark glasses and waiting for death.

The ultimate hangover breakfasts


Scott’s of harborne

This is usually my first port of call with a hangover. Scott’s is a haven of leafy green plants, sympathetic staff and excellent coffee. They use Quarter Horse here, so the coffee is strong, tasty and comes in good sized cups.

The breakfast menu is a hangover dream. Fry ups? Check. Pancakes with an endless array of possible toppings? Check. Breakfast burritos? Check. Whether you need sugar, fried foods or you want to pretend you’re healthy and want avocado, they’ve got it. Owner Scott is also a fan of the hair-of-the-dog method of treating a hangover, so he’ll happy serve you a beer with your breakfast without any judgement.

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Brunch Bap

Wayland’s yard

I know a lot of bloggers who might as well move into Wayland’s Yard, they’re in there so often. They serve brunch all day, and have an enormous variety of coffee if you feel like you need caffeine injecting into your eyeballs. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and they’re dog friendly, so you might even get to boop some snoots to help you feel better.

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Saint Kitchen Breakfast

Saint Kitchen

A brunch menu that’s served all day is an important thing when you’re hungover. Time loses meaning, and just because you’ve only made it out of the house at 3pm doesn’t mean you don’t still want brunch. Saint Kitchen can help, with a menu including a full breakfast, an array of things on toast, and even a Huevos Rancheros with a beef brisket chilli involved. The veggie options are excellent too.

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Cherry Reds Brunch

Cherry Red’s

The breakfast menu at Cherry’s is vast, with a range of fried breakfasts, pancakes, sandwiches, stuff on toast, and even porridge. I especially like the Big Red Pancake Breakfast if you’re really dying, as it’s vast. You get pancakes, with bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and a hash brown piled on top. Amazing stuff. I also really like their salad options, as they’re healthy but still hearty.

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Breakfast Hash

JuJu’s Cafe

If you just need someone to be nice to you, JuJu’s is a great pick. All the staff are delightful, and won’t make sudden loud noises if you’re suffering. Grab a seat by the window and gaze out at the canal. Watching canal boats drift by is lovely if your brain isn’t functioning yet. Order the Porky Hash. It’s delicious, with a gentle hint of paprika smoke, and perfectly oozy eggs.

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Where do you take your hangover? Let me know; I’ll probably need the suggestions soon.

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