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Commuting is dull. Really dull. Since moving, I’ve reduced mine by about half, but there’s still plenty of time staring blankly out of the bus window, or walking through town to get to work. I need some company for the journey. Enter podcasts. I’m obsessed. I listen to a huge number, covering everything from writing and marketing, to comics and fitness. Here’s five of my current favourites.

The High Tea Cast
Sam and Lea, the babes behind The High Tea Cast, have turned their podcast into an equally brilliant website, but for me the podcast will always be the heart of their brand. Monthly episodes feel very much like sitting down for a chat with your mates – the girls cover everything…food, music, sex, style, technology…the lot. And they do it damn well too. They’re funny, intelligent, a bit naughty and they eat a lot of cake. What more could you want?

Go Bayside
‘Fess up, who was a big Saved By The Bell fan? In Go Bayside, comedian April Richardson and a special guest watch and dissect an episode of Saved By The Bell. Sounds simple, but it’s hilarious. If you were a fan of the show, you will love this. April clearly has a lot of love for the show, while creating funny, clever and often bizarre podcast episodes. Go Bayside asks a lot of life’s big questions, like, why can Zack Morris stop time? Why does anybody ever tell Screech anything? And where the hell did Tori come from?

Part of Nerdist industries, the podcast sees host Chris Hardwick sit down with celebrities for relaxed chat. Regardless of who the guest is, I always really enjoy Nerdist. The interviews are very informal and conversational, which means you get more interesting answers than the standard PR rubbish, and they’re often really funny. And when it’s a guest I love? Even better!

This American Life
This American Life is the most popular podcast in America, with around one million people downloading every episode. As a Brit, I stayed away from it for a while, assuming it wouldn’t offer me much. How wrong was I? Each episode has a different theme, and explores a range of stories around that theme. Stories tend to be true, and taken from ordinary Americans. Whatever the topic, the episodes are always fascinating, and you’ll find yourself eagerly listening to stories about things you never knew you cared about.

Answer Me This
Helen and Olly answer questions submitted by listeners, from the serious to the downright silly. Results are unfailingly hilarious, often surreal, and will probably cause you to fall slightly in love with Martin the sound man. Just go and listen.

Anyone else a podcast fan? What are your favourites?


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