Festival Hairstyles, with Blow Ltd

Festival season is still in full swing, with some of the UK’s biggest festivals still to come. Whether you’re packing up your tent and your wellies, or whether you’re just looking to create that festival fashion look at home in the garden, I’ve teamed up with Blow Ltd to bring you some of the best festival hairstyles.

Blow arrived in Birmingham about two months ago, and offer a mobile beauty treatment service. With more and more of our life’s managed on demand at the tap of an app, why shouldn’t your beauty treatments be the same? Download the app, and you can book a stylist for hair styling, make-up or nail treatments. With appointments available from 7am til late, it’s an ideal option for busy women.

Blow stylist, Anna, arrived on my doorstep, and we got planning. Blow’s stylists bring all their own gear with them. All I had to provide was somewhere to plug in the straighteners, which is ideal.

Festival Hairstyles

Loose waves hairstyle

The challenge of any good festival ‘do is looking decent on unwashed hair. My hair is naturally really oily, so I’m used to thinking about how this will impact on hairstyles. Anna started with a very simple style. She curled most of my hair into loose waves with the straighteners, which adds a little texture and hides any ‘I slept in a tent’ unbrushed hair issues. Anna added two mini braids to the front, which helped add some interest and pull my hair back from my face. For festivals, this is ideal, as the front is often the bit that looks worst for me if I haven’t washed my hair that day, and of course not having your fair in your face is much nicer if you’re jumping around in a crowd.

Festival style

Festival fashion

Festival hair

Next, we tried out these cute little buns. Again, the hair is braided from the front, to hide any grease  build-up, and then twisted into two messy buns at the back. This looks cute, keeps your hair off the back of your neck when you’re hot and sweaty (just remember the suncream!) and as the focus is messy, can be easily worn all day. Just shove an extra pin in if any of the bun starts to fall down. Messy buns in general are a good move for festivals. If you’re trying to create these styles on site without a mirror, anything too tidy is just going to send you mad. Embrace the mess! Trust me, it looks better this way.

Space buns

Space buns are a festival classic. Get your hair out of your face, and twist it up into two little buns, like ears, on top of your head. You can leave the rest loose, like I have, or you could braid or tie up the rest too. This would be a great one to cover in glitter, or if you’re going to be rocking some in-your-face festival make-up, to really up those space-girl vibes.

Crown braids

Festival braids

My personal favourite festival hairstyle is the crown braid. Seperate your hair and slowly plait it into one long braid, all round your head, like, you guessed it, a crown. It looks so pretty, and achieves all the goals of the other hairstyles. Hair off your neck and out of your face? Check. A good disguiser for unwashed locks? Check. Still looks good messy? Check. Customisable? Check. Spray on the glitter hair spray, pop on a flower crown, add some pretty grips, or just leave it as is. All would look cute, even when you’re covered in mud. Anna’s secret tip? Do this style the first day of the festival and wear it all weekend. Just add more pins as and when you need them.

Whatever style you pick for your festival, remember to embrace the messy look. As Anna worked on these styles for me, she told me she thinks this is the main mistake people make. You shouldn’t be scared to try out new styles, because getting it perfect shouldn’t be your aim. Hair that’s a little ‘lived in’ looks best, so just shove in some pins, load on the glitter and get out there and enjoy yourself!

Using Blow Ltd felt like a real treat too. Anna was great; chatty, friendly and obviously knowledgable. With prices starting at £30, it’s an affordable treat and a great alternative to the salon if you’re pressed for time. If you’re planning a special event, Blow is perfect, and they even  offer discounts for group bookings. I’ll definitely be booking with them again.

This post was written in collaboration with Blow Ltd and East Village PR. All opinions are honest and my own. Thanks to Anna for the photos of the back of my head!